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This blog contains the brief descriptions of the Windows PowerShell cmdlets that are for use in administering the DNSServer instances in a single, self-contained package. The Module is DNSServer

On DNSServer we have discussed how to configure the module and on this blog we will see which all commands are their in this module.

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Add-DnsServerClientSubnetAdds a client subnet to a DNS server.
Add-DnsServerConditionalForwarderZoneAdds a conditional forwarder to a DNS server.
Add-DnsServerDirectoryPartitionCreates a DNS application directory partition.
Add-DnsServerForwarderAdds server level forwarders to a DNS server.
Add-DnsServerPrimaryZoneAdds a primary zone to a DNS server.
Add-DnsServerQueryResolutionPolicyAdds a policy for query resolution to a DNS server.
Add-DnsServerRecursionScopeAdds a recursion scope on a DNS server.
Add-DnsServerResourceRecordAdds a resource record of a specified type to a specifiedAdd-DnsServerResourceRecordMX DNS zone.
Add-DnsServerResourceRecordAAdds a type A resource record to a DNS zone.
Add-DnsServerResourceRecordAAAAAdds a type AAAA resource record to a DNS server.
Add-DnsServerResourceRecordCNameAdds a type CNAME resource record to a DNS zone.
Add-DnsServerResourceRecordDSAdds a type DS resource record to a DNS zone.
Add-DnsServerResourceRecordDnsKeyAdds a type DNSKEY resource record to a DNS zone.
Add-DnsServerResourceRecordMXAdds an MX resource record to a DNS server.
Add-DnsServerResourceRecordPtrAdds a type PTR resource record to a DNS server.
Add-DnsServerResponseRateLimitingExceptionlistAdds an RRL exception list on the DNS server.
Add-DnsServerRootHintAdds root hints on a DNS server.
Add-DnsServerSecondaryZoneAdds a DNS server secondary zone.
Add-DnsServerSigningKeyAdds a KSK or ZSK to a signed zone.
Add-DnsServerStubZoneAdds a DNS stub zone.
Add-DnsServerTrustAnchorAdds a trust anchor to a DNS server.
Add-DnsServerVirtualizationInstanceAdds a virtualization instance.
Add-DnsServerZoneDelegationAdds a new delegated DNS zone to an existing zone.
Add-DnsServerZoneScopeAdds a zone scope to an existing zone.
Add-DnsServerZoneTransferPolicyAdds a zone transfer policy to a DNS server.
Clear-DnsServerCacheClears resource records from a cache on the DNS server.
Clear-DnsServerStatisticsClears all DNS server statistics or statistics for zones.
ConvertTo-DnsServerPrimaryZoneConverts a zone to a DNS primary zone.
ConvertTo-DnsServerSecondaryZoneConverts a primary zone or stub zone to a secondary zone.
Disable-DnsServerPolicyDisables DNS server policies.
Disable-DnsServerSigningKeyRolloverDisables key rollover on an input key.
Enable-DnsServerPolicyEnables DNS server policies.
Enable-DnsServerSigningKeyRolloverEnables rollover on the input key.
Export-DnsServerDnsSecPublicKeyExports DS and DNSKEY information for a DNSSEC-signed zone.
Export-DnsServerZoneExports contents of a zone to a file.
Get-DnsServerRetrieves a DNS server configuration.
Get-DnsServerCacheRetrieves DNS server cache settings.
Get-DnsServerClientSubnetGets client subnets for a DNS server.
Get-DnsServerDiagnosticsRetrieves DNS event logging details.
Get-DnsServerDirectoryPartitionGets a DNS application directory partition.
Get-DnsServerDnsSecZoneSettingGets DNSSEC settings for a zone.
Get-DnsServerDsSettingRetrieves DNS Server Active Directory settings
Get-DnsServerEDnsGets EDNS configuration settings on a DNS server.
Get-DnsServerForwarderGets forwarder configuration settings on a DNS server.
Get-DnsServerGlobalNameZoneRetrieves DNS server GlobalName zone configuration details.
Get-DnsServerGlobalQueryBlockListGets a global query block list.
Get-DnsServerQueryResolutionPolicyGets policies for query resolution from a DNS server.
Get-DnsServerRecursionRetrieves DNS server recursion settings.
Get-DnsServerRecursionScopeGets the DNS server recursion scopes.
Get-DnsServerResourceRecordGets resource records from a specified DNS zone.
Get-DnsServerResponseRateLimitingDisplays the RRL settings on a DNS server.
Get-DnsServerResponseRateLimitingExceptionlistEnumerates the RRL exception lists on a DNS Server.
Get-DnsServerRootHintGets root hints on a DNS server.
Get-DnsServerScavengingGets DNS aging and scavenging settings.
Get-DnsServerSettingRetrieves DNS server settings.
Get-DnsServerSigningKeyGets zone signing keys.
Get-DnsServerStatisticsRetrieves DNS server statistics or statistics for zones.
Get-DnsServerTrustAnchorGets trust anchors on a DNS server.
Get-DnsServerTrustPointGets trust points on a DNS server.
Get-DnsServerVirtualizationInstanceGets the virtualization instances on the DNS server.
Get-DnsServerZoneGets details of DNS zones on a DNS server.
Get-DnsServerZoneAgingGets DNS aging settings for a zone.
Get-DnsServerZoneDelegationGets the zone delegations of a DNS server zone.
Get-DnsServerZoneScopeGets the scopes of a zone on a DNS server.
Get-DnsServerZoneTransferPolicyGets the zone transfer policies on a DNS server.
Import-DnsServerResourceRecordDSImports DS resource record information from a file.
Import-DnsServerRootHintCopies root hints from a DNS server.
Import-DnsServerTrustAnchorImports a trust anchor for a DNS server.
Invoke-DnsServerSigningKeyRolloverInitiates rollover of signing keys for the zone.
Invoke-DnsServerZoneSignSigns a DNS server zone.
Invoke-DnsServerZoneUnsignUnsigns a DNS server zone.
Register-DnsServerDirectoryPartitionRegisters a DNS server in a DNS application directory partition.
Remove-DnsServerClientSubnetRemoves a client subnet from a DNS server.
Remove-DnsServerDirectoryPartitionRemoves a DNS application directory partition.
Remove-DnsServerForwarderRemoves server level forwarders from a DNS server.
Remove-DnsServerQueryResolutionPolicyRemoves a policy for query resolution from a DNS server.
Remove-DnsServerRecursionScopeRemoves a recursion scope from a DNS server.
Remove-DnsServerResourceRecordRemoves specified DNS server resource records from a zone.
Remove-DnsServerResponseRateLimitingExceptionlistRemoves an RRL exception list from a DNS server.
Remove-DnsServerRootHintRemoves root hints from a DNS server.
Remove-DnsServerSigningKeyRemoves signing keys.
Remove-DnsServerTrustAnchorRemoves a trust anchor from a DNS server.
Remove-DnsServerVirtualizationInstanceRemoves a virtualization instance.
Remove-DnsServerZoneRemoves a zone from a DNS server.
Remove-DnsServerZoneDelegationRemoves a name server or delegation from a DNS zone.
Remove-DnsServerZoneScopeRemoves a zone scope from an existing zone.
Remove-DnsServerZoneTransferPolicyRemoves a zone transfer policy from a DNS server.
Reset-DnsServerZoneKeyMasterRoleTransfers the role of Key Master for a DNS zone.
Restore-DnsServerPrimaryZoneRestores primary DNS zone contents from Active Directory or from a file.
Restore-DnsServerSecondaryZoneRestores secondary zone information from its source.
Resume-DnsServerZoneResumes name resolution on a suspended zone.
Set-DnsServerOverwrites a DNS server configuration.
Set-DnsServerCacheModifies cache settings for a DNS server.
Set-DnsServerClientSubnetUpdates the IP addresses in a client subnet.
Set-DnsServerConditionalForwarderZoneChanges settings for a DNS conditional forwarder.
Set-DnsServerDiagnosticsSets debugging and logging parameters.
Set-DnsServerDnsSecZoneSettingChanges settings for DNSSEC for a zone.
Set-DnsServerDsSettingModifies DNS Active Directory settings.
Set-DnsServerEDnsChanges EDNS settings on a DNS server.
Set-DnsServerForwarderChanges forwarder settings on a DNS server.
Set-DnsServerGlobalNameZoneChanges configuration settings for a GlobalNames zone.
Set-DnsServerGlobalQueryBlockListChanges settings of a global query block list.
Set-DnsServerPrimaryZoneChanges settings for a DNS primary zone.
Set-DnsServerQueryResolutionPolicyUpdates settings of a query resolution policy on a DNS server.
Set-DnsServerRecursionModifies recursion settings for a DNS server.
Set-DnsServerRecursionScopeModifies a recursion scope on a DNS server.
Set-DnsServerResourceRecordChanges a resource record in a DNS zone.
Set-DnsServerResourceRecordAgingBegins aging of resource records in a specified DNS zone.
Set-DnsServerResponseRateLimitingEnables RRL on a DNS server.
Set-DnsServerResponseRateLimitingExceptionlistUpdates the settings of an RRL exception list.
Set-DnsServerRootHintReplaces a list of root hints.
Set-DnsServerScavengingChanges DNS server scavenging settings.
Set-DnsServerSecondaryZoneChanges settings for a DNS secondary zone.
Set-DnsServerSettingModifies DNS server settings.
Set-DnsServerSigningKeyChanges settings of a signing key.
Set-DnsServerStubZoneChanges settings for a DNS server stub zone.
Set-DnsServerVirtualizationInstanceUpdates the virtualization instance on the DNS server.
Set-DnsServerZoneAgingConfigures DNS aging settings for a zone.
Set-DnsServerZoneDelegationChanges delegation settings for a child zone.
Set-DnsServerZoneTransferPolicyUpdates a zone transfer policy on a DNS server.
Show-DnsServerCacheShows the records in a DNS Server Cache.
Show-DnsServerKeyStorageProviderReturns a list of key storage providers.
Start-DnsServerScavengingNotifies a DNS server to attempt a search for stale resource records.
Start-DnsServerZoneTransferStarts a zone transfer for a secondary DNS zone from master servers.
Step-DnsServerSigningKeyRolloverRolls over a KSK that is waiting for a parent DS update.
Suspend-DnsServerZoneSuspends a zone on a DNS server.
Sync-DnsServerZoneChecks the DNS server memory for changes, and writes them to persistent storage.
Test-DnsServerTests that a specified computer is a functioning DNS server.
Test-DnsServerDnsSecZoneSettingValidates DNSSEC settings for a zone.
Unregister-DnsServerDirectoryPartitionDeregisters a DNS server from a DNS application directory partition.
Update-DnsServerTrustPointUpdates all trust points in a DNS trust anchor zone.

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