This blog contains the brief descriptions and syntax of the Windows PowerShell cmdlets that are for use in administering the DnsServer service-specific cmdlets.

Domain Name System (DNS) Server provides name resolution for TCP/IP networks. DNS Server is easier to manage when it is installed on the same server as Active Directory Domain Services. If you select the Active Directory Domain Services role, you can install and configure DNS Server and Active Directory Domain Services to work together.

DNS makes is possible for users to refer to network computers by using easy-to-remember names instead of a long series of numbers. DNS provides a heretical namespace, ensuring that each host name will be unique across a local or wide-area network. Windows DNS Services can be integrated with Dynamic Host Configuration protocol(DHCP) services on windows, eliminating the need to add DNS records as computers are added to the network.

By default on Windows Server 2016 or Windows server 2019 this module will not be installed. we want to install it manually. Below are the steps to install

Installing DNSServer Services through Powershell(CLI)

Go to PowerShell With Administrator access. Give the below command

Install-WindowsFeature dns

Install-WindowsFeature dns install domain naming system

Installing DNSServer Services through Server Manager Tool GUI

Click on Start > Server Manager > Manage > Add Roles and Features

dns configuration server management

Click > Next

dns before you begin server configuration management installation

Default “Role-Based or feature-based installation” will be selected

DNS system configuration management installation default role feature

Select the server where you want to configure the DNS Server.

dns server selection install configure

Select DNS Server in the Server Roles

Once you select DNS Server , the Add Features will be pop-up which will adds the additional features which are required for DNS

dns features installation

Next in Features you don’t required to select anything, as the required features were already selected in the last window.

dns feature selection install

It will gives the brief Details about DNS server.

DNS server details

The Confirmation will be given which all Roles and features are going to install.

DNS installation configuration confirmation

The Installation will starts

DNS server installation start

While installing DNS Server you don’t required reboot.

Once You have completed with the Above Procedure we can use all the commands(cmdlets) which are associated with DNSServer Services

Click on DNSServer Cmdlets to get all the commands(cmdlets) which is under this module

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References are taken from official Microsoft websites

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