AWS Resource Groups

You can use resource groups to organize your AWS resources. Resource groups make it easier to manage and automate tasks on large numbers of resources at one time. This guide shows you how to create and manage resource groups in AWS Resource Groups. The tasks that you can perform on a resource vary based on the AWS service you’re using

Below are the cmdlets which are available with AWS Resource Groups

Add-RGResourceTag                                  Tag                                           AWS ResourceGroups                                  
Find-RGResource                                    SearchResources                               AWS ResourceGroups                                  
Get-RGGroup                                        GetGroup                                      AWS ResourceGroups                                  
Get-RGGroupList                                    ListGroups                                    AWS ResourceGroups                                  
Get-RGGroupQuery                                   GetGroupQuery                                 AWS ResourceGroups                                  
Get-RGGroupResourceList                            ListGroupResources                            AWS ResourceGroups                                  
Get-RGResourceTag                                  GetTags                                       AWS ResourceGroups                                  
New-RGGroup                                        CreateGroup                                   AWS ResourceGroups                                  
Remove-RGGroup                                     DeleteGroup                                   AWS ResourceGroups                                  
Remove-RGResourceTag                               Untag                                         AWS ResourceGroups                                  
Update-RGGroup                                     UpdateGroup                                   AWS ResourceGroups                                  
Update-RGGroupQuery                                UpdateGroupQuery                              AWS ResourceGroups                                  
Add-RGTResourceTag                                 TagResources                                  AWS ResourceGroups Tagging API                      
Get-RGTComplianceSummary                           GetComplianceSummary                          AWS ResourceGroups Tagging API                      
Get-RGTReportCreation                              DescribeReportCreation                        AWS ResourceGroups Tagging API                      
Get-RGTResource                                    GetResources                                  AWS ResourceGroups Tagging API                      
Get-RGTTagKey                                      GetTagKeys                                    AWS ResourceGroups Tagging API                      
Get-RGTTagValue                                    GetTagValues                                  AWS ResourceGroups Tagging API                      
Remove-RGTResourceTag                              UntagResources                                AWS ResourceGroups Tagging API                      
Start-RGTReportCreation                            StartReportCreation                           AWS ResourceGroups Tagging API                      

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References are taken from Microsoft and AWS

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