AWS Resource Access Manager (RAM)

AWS Resource Access Manager (RAM) is a service that enables you to easily and securely share AWS resources with any AWS account or within your AWS Organization. You can share AWS Transit Gateways, Subnets, AWS License Manager configurations, and Amazon Route 53 Resolver rules resources with RAM.

Many organizations use multiple accounts to create administrative or billing isolation, and to limit the impact of errors. RAM eliminates the need to create duplicate resources in multiple accounts, reducing the operational overhead of managing those resources in every single account you own. You can create resources centrally in a multi-account environment, and use RAM to share those resources across accounts in three simple steps: create a Resource Share, specify resources, and specify accounts. RAM is available to you at no additional charge.

Below are the cmdlets which are available with AWS Resource Access Manager (RAM)

Add-RAMPermissionToResourceShare                   AssociateResourceSharePermission              
Add-RAMResourceTag                                 TagResource                                   
Confirm-RAMResourceShareInvitation                 AcceptResourceShareInvitation                 
Connect-RAMResourceShare                           AssociateResourceShare                        
Convert-RAMPolicyBasedResourceShareToPromoted      PromoteResourceShareCreatedFromPolicy         
Deny-RAMResourceShareInvitation                    RejectResourceShareInvitation                 
Disconnect-RAMResourceShare                        DisassociateResourceShare                     
Enable-RAMSharingWithAwsOrganization               EnableSharingWithAwsOrganization              
Get-RAMPendingInvitationResourceList               ListPendingInvitationResources                
Get-RAMPermission                                  GetPermission                                 
Get-RAMPermissionList                              ListPermissions                               
Get-RAMPrincipalList                               ListPrincipals                                
Get-RAMResourceList                                ListResources                                 
Get-RAMResourcePolicy                              GetResourcePolicies                           
Get-RAMResourceShare                               GetResourceShares                             
Get-RAMResourceShareAssociation                    GetResourceShareAssociations                  
Get-RAMResourceShareInvitation                     GetResourceShareInvitations                   
Get-RAMResourceSharePermissionList                 ListResourceSharePermissions                  
Get-RAMResourceTypeList                            ListResourceTypes                             
New-RAMResourceShare                               CreateResourceShare                           
Remove-RAMPermissionFromResourceShare              DisassociateResourceSharePermission           
Remove-RAMResourceShare                            DeleteResourceShare                           
Remove-RAMResourceTag                              UntagResource                                 
Update-RAMResourceShare                            UpdateResourceShare                           

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References are taken from Microsoft and AWS

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