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Robots are being used more widely in society for purposes that are increasing in sophistication such as complex assembly, picking and packing, last-mile delivery, environmental monitoring, search and rescue, and assisted surgery. Within the autonomous mobile robot (AMR) and autonomous ground vehicle (AGV) market segments, robots are being used for commercial logistics and consumer cleaning, delivery, and companionship.

These jobs require higher compute capabilities and often the orchestration of the deployment and operations of large fleets of robots. To function effectively, the robots require the integration of technologies such as image recognition, sensing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and reinforcement learning in ways new to the field of robotics. Developing, simulating, and deploying smart robotics applications is difficult and time consuming. Now, with AWS RoboMaker, it is easy to enable a robot running ROS to navigate, communicate, comprehend, stream data, and learn. Tasks that once could either not be done or took months can now be done in hours or days.

Below are the cmdlets which are available with AWS RoboMaker

Add-ROBOResourceTag                                TagResource                                   
Get-ROBODeploymentJob                              DescribeDeploymentJob                         
Get-ROBODeploymentJobList                          ListDeploymentJobs                            
Get-ROBOFleet                                      DescribeFleet                                 
Get-ROBOFleetList                                  ListFleets                                    
Get-ROBOResourceTag                                ListTagsForResource                           
Get-ROBORobot                                      DescribeRobot                                 
Get-ROBORobotApplication                           DescribeRobotApplication                      
Get-ROBORobotApplicationList                       ListRobotApplications                         
Get-ROBORobotList                                  ListRobots                                    
Get-ROBOSimulationApplication                      DescribeSimulationApplication                 
Get-ROBOSimulationApplicationList                  ListSimulationApplications                    
Get-ROBOSimulationJob                              DescribeSimulationJob                         
Get-ROBOSimulationJobBatch                         DescribeSimulationJobBatch                    
Get-ROBOSimulationJobBatchList                     ListSimulationJobBatches                      
Get-ROBOSimulationJobList                          BatchDescribeSimulationJob                    
Get-ROBOSimulationJobSummary                       ListSimulationJobs                            
New-ROBODeploymentJob                              CreateDeploymentJob                           
New-ROBOFleet                                      CreateFleet                                   
New-ROBORobot                                      CreateRobot                                   
New-ROBORobotApplication                           CreateRobotApplication                        
New-ROBORobotApplicationVersion                    CreateRobotApplicationVersion                 
New-ROBOSimulationApplication                      CreateSimulationApplication                   
New-ROBOSimulationApplicationVersion               CreateSimulationApplicationVersion            
New-ROBOSimulationJob                              CreateSimulationJob                           
Register-ROBORobot                                 RegisterRobot                                 
Remove-ROBOFleet                                   DeleteFleet                                   
Remove-ROBOResourceTag                             UntagResource                                 
Remove-ROBORobot                                   DeleteRobot                                   
Remove-ROBORobotApplication                        DeleteRobotApplication                        
Remove-ROBOSimulationApplication                   DeleteSimulationApplication                   
Restart-ROBOSimulationJob                          RestartSimulationJob                          
Start-ROBOSimulationJobBatch                       StartSimulationJobBatch                       
Stop-ROBODeploymentJob                             CancelDeploymentJob                           
Stop-ROBOSimulationJob                             CancelSimulationJob                           
Stop-ROBOSimulationJobBatch                        CancelSimulationJobBatch                      
Sync-ROBODeploymentJob                             SyncDeploymentJob                             
Unregister-ROBORobot                               DeregisterRobot                               
Update-ROBORobotApplication                        UpdateRobotApplication                        
Update-ROBOSimulationApplication                   UpdateSimulationApplication                   

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References are taken from Microsoft and AWS

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