AWS Health

AWS Health provides ongoing visibility into your resource performance and the availability of your AWS services and accounts. You can use AWS Health events to learn how service and resource changes might affect your applications running on AWS. AWS Health provides relevant and timely information to help you manage events in progress. AWSHealth also helps you be aware of and to prepare for planned activities. The service delivers alerts and notifications triggered by changes in the health of AWS resources, so that you get near-instant event visibility and guidance to help accelerate troubleshooting.

Below are the cmdlets which are available with AWS Health

Disable-HLTHHealthServiceAccessForOrganization     DisableHealthServiceAccessForOrganization     
Enable-HLTHHealthServiceAccessForOrganization      EnableHealthServiceAccessForOrganization      
Get-HLTHAffectedAccountsForOrganization            DescribeAffectedAccountsForOrganization       
Get-HLTHAffectedEntitiesForOrganization            DescribeAffectedEntitiesForOrganization       
Get-HLTHAffectedEntity                             DescribeAffectedEntities                      
Get-HLTHEntityAggregate                            DescribeEntityAggregates                      
Get-HLTHEvent                                      DescribeEvents                                
Get-HLTHEventAggregate                             DescribeEventAggregates                       
Get-HLTHEventDetail                                DescribeEventDetails                          
Get-HLTHEventDetailsForOrganization                DescribeEventDetailsForOrganization           
Get-HLTHEventsForOrganization                      DescribeEventsForOrganization                 
Get-HLTHEventType                                  DescribeEventTypes                            
Get-HLTHHealthServiceStatusForOrganization         DescribeHealthServiceStatusForOrganization    

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References are taken from Microsoft and AWS

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