AWS Ground Station

AWS Ground Station is a fully managed service that lets you control satellite communications, process data, and scale your operations without having to worry about building or managing your own ground station infrastructure. Satellites are used for a wide variety of use cases, including weather forecasting, surface imaging, communications, and video broadcasts. Ground stations form the core of global satellite networks.  With AWS Ground Station, you have direct access to AWS services and the AWS Global Infrastructure including a low-latency global fiber network. For example, you can use Amazon S3 to store the downloaded data, Amazon Kinesis Data Streams for managing data ingestion from satellites, and Amazon SageMaker for building custom machine learning applications that apply to your data sets. You can save up to 80% on the cost of your ground station operations by paying only for the actual antenna time used, and relying on the global footprint of ground stations to download data when and where you need it. There are no long-term commitments, and you gain the ability to rapidly scale your satellite communications on-demand when your business needs it.

Below are the cmdlets which are available with AWS Ground Station

Add-GSReservedContact                              ReserveContact                                
Add-GSResourceTag                                  TagResource                                   
Get-GSConfig                                       GetConfig                                     
Get-GSConfigList                                   ListConfigs                                   
Get-GSContact                                      DescribeContact                               
Get-GSContactList                                  ListContacts                                  
Get-GSDataflowEndpointGroup                        GetDataflowEndpointGroup                      
Get-GSDataflowEndpointGroupList                    ListDataflowEndpointGroups                    
Get-GSGroundStationList                            ListGroundStations                            
Get-GSMinuteUsage                                  GetMinuteUsage                                
Get-GSMissionProfile                               GetMissionProfile                             
Get-GSMissionProfileList                           ListMissionProfiles                           
Get-GSResourceTag                                  ListTagsForResource                           
Get-GSSatellite                                    GetSatellite                                  
Get-GSSatelliteList                                ListSatellites                                
New-GSConfig                                       CreateConfig                                  
New-GSDataflowEndpointGroup                        CreateDataflowEndpointGroup                   
New-GSMissionProfile                               CreateMissionProfile                          
Remove-GSConfig                                    DeleteConfig                                  
Remove-GSDataflowEndpointGroup                     DeleteDataflowEndpointGroup                   
Remove-GSMissionProfile                            DeleteMissionProfile                          
Remove-GSResourceTag                               UntagResource                                 
Stop-GSContact                                     CancelContact                                 
Update-GSConfig                                    UpdateConfig                                  
Update-GSMissionProfile                            UpdateMissionProfile                          

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References are taken from Microsoft and AWS

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