AWS IAM Access Analyzer

AWS IAM Access Analyzer helps you identify the resources in your organization and accounts, such as Amazon S3 buckets or IAM roles, that are shared with an external entity. This lets you identify unintended access to your resources and data, which is a security risk. Access Analyzer identifies resources that are shared with external principals by using logic-based reasoning to analyze the resource-based policies in your AWS environment. For each instance of a resource that is shared outside of your account, Access Analyzer generates a finding. Findings include information about the access and the external principal that it is granted to. You can review findings to determine whether the access is intended and safe, or the access is unintended and a security risk.

Below are the cmdlets which are available with AWS IAM Access Analyzer

Add-IAMAAResourceTag                               TagResource                                   
Get-IAMAAAnalyzedResource                          GetAnalyzedResource                           
Get-IAMAAAnalyzedResourceList                      ListAnalyzedResources                         
Get-IAMAAAnalyzer                                  GetAnalyzer                                   
Get-IAMAAAnalyzerList                              ListAnalyzers                                 
Get-IAMAAArchiveRule                               GetArchiveRule                                
Get-IAMAAArchiveRuleList                           ListArchiveRules                              
Get-IAMAAFinding                                   GetFinding                                    
Get-IAMAAFindingList                               ListFindings                                  
Get-IAMAAResourceTag                               ListTagsForResource                           
New-IAMAAAnalyzer                                  CreateAnalyzer                                
New-IAMAAArchiveRule                               CreateArchiveRule                             
Remove-IAMAAAnalyzer                               DeleteAnalyzer                                
Remove-IAMAAArchiveRule                            DeleteArchiveRule                             
Remove-IAMAAResourceTag                            UntagResource                                 
Start-IAMAAResourceScan                            StartResourceScan                             
Update-IAMAAArchiveRule                            UpdateArchiveRule                             
Update-IAMAAFinding                                UpdateFindings                                

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References are taken from Microsoft and AWS

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