Configuring IIS Server on Windows Server 2016 Datacenter – GUI

Configuring IIS on Windows Server 2016 Datacenter is very simple and easy, just follow the below steps which makes you to install the IIS easily with out any mistakes….

Just for your information the same steps can be used in Windows Server 2016 Standard

On your Windows Server (Windows Server 2016 Datacenter or Windows Server 2016 Standard), Click on Start button > Click on “Server Manager”

Start button iis configuration server 2016

Click on “Manage” (Right top side) > Click on “Add Roles and Features

Server manager 2016 datacenter iis

Click “Next

add roles server 2016 datacenter

As we are doing on single machine based on Roles and Feature, so select the “Role-based or feature-based installation

role based feature based installation windows server 2016 datacenter

Select the Server where you want to Configure the IIS Server (Below I have took my local machine)

destination server windows 2016 datacenter iis

In Server Roles Click on the check Box “Web Server (IIS)” which selects the IIS Role

select server roles iis web datacenter 2016

Once you click on check box, the pop-up will appears which have the Default Features required for Web Server(IIS) > Click on Add Features. If required Management Tools enable the check box.

add features wizard server 2016 datacenter iis

After selecting the Default Features, it will come back to same old page, Click Next

select server roles iis windows datacenter 2016

Now it will takes you the additional Features, Based on your requirements you can select the Features to be Installed.

If your application is based on .net then make sure you have selected the .net framework

windows server 2016 features

Based on the Web Server Role (IIS) which you have selected above it will takes you to its Role Services, click on Next

web server role iis windows 2016 datacenter

Select the IIS Roles Services based on your requirements (Logging, Authentication, etc.)

iis windows server 2016 role services

Below are the All Role Services we get for IIS Role, based on our requirement we have selected the Roles. And Click Next

role services server 2016 datacenter iis

It will show the Confirmation, what all we have selected for Installing > Click On “Install

install confirm server 2016 datacenter iis

You can also Export this setting so that you can import next time the same.

Installation is in Progress

windows server 2016 datacenter installation progress iis

Now Installation Completed on this machine.

windows server 2016 datacenter iis web role complet

Now if you check Server Manager you will get a new Role that is IIS

iis web server windows 2016 datacenter dashboard server manager

From Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager you can manage you Websites and FTP

iis internet information services windows server 2016 datacenter

The Powershell based installation is also we are uploading soon.

You can read the Website configuration and Certificate configuration through Powershell on this links.

If you face any issue comment below we will help to resolve it ASAP.

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