AWS Migration Hub

AWS Migration Hub provides a single location to track the progress of application migrations across multiple AWS and partner solutions. Using Migration Hub allows you to choose the AWS and partner migration tools that best fit your needs, while providing visibility into the status of migrations across your portfolio of applications. Migration Hub also provides key metrics and progress for individual applications, regardless of which tools are being used to migrate them. This allows you to quickly get progress updates across all of your migrations, easily identify and troubleshoot any issues, and reduce the overall time and effort spent on your migration projects.

AWS Migration Hub provides a single place to monitor migrations in any AWS region where your migration tools are available. There is no additional cost for using Migration Hub. You only pay for the cost of the individual migration tools you use, and any resources being consumed on AWS.

Below are the cmdlets which are available with AWS Migration Hub

Add-MHCreatedArtifact                              AssociateCreatedArtifact                      AWS MigrationHub                                    
Add-MHDiscoveredResource                           AssociateDiscoveredResource                   AWS MigrationHub                                    
Get-MHApplicationState                             DescribeApplicationState                      AWS MigrationHub                                    
Get-MHApplicationStateList                         ListApplicationStates                         AWS MigrationHub                                    
Get-MHCreatedArtifactList                          ListCreatedArtifacts                          AWS MigrationHub                                    
Get-MHDiscoveredResourceList                       ListDiscoveredResources                       AWS MigrationHub                                    
Get-MHMigrationTask                                DescribeMigrationTask                         AWS MigrationHub                                    
Get-MHMigrationTaskList                            ListMigrationTasks                            AWS MigrationHub                                    
Get-MHProgressUpdateStream                         ListProgressUpdateStreams                     AWS MigrationHub                                    
Import-MHMigrationTask                             ImportMigrationTask                           AWS MigrationHub                                    
New-MHProgressUpdateStream                         CreateProgressUpdateStream                    AWS MigrationHub                                    
Remove-MHCreatedArtifact                           DisassociateCreatedArtifact                   AWS MigrationHub                                    
Remove-MHDiscoveredResource                        DisassociateDiscoveredResource                AWS MigrationHub                                    
Remove-MHProgressUpdateStream                      DeleteProgressUpdateStream                    AWS MigrationHub                                    
Send-MHApplicationStateNotification                NotifyApplicationState                        AWS MigrationHub                                    
Send-MHMigrationTaskStateNotification              NotifyMigrationTaskState                      AWS MigrationHub                                    
Set-MHResourceAttribute                            PutResourceAttributes                         AWS MigrationHub                                    
Get-MHCHomeRegion                                  GetHomeRegion                                 AWS MigrationHub Config                             
Get-MHCHomeRegionControl                           DescribeHomeRegionControls                    AWS MigrationHub Config                             
New-MHCHomeRegionControl                           CreateHomeRegionControl                       AWS MigrationHub Config                             

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References are taken from Microsoft and AWS

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