AWS Marketplace Metering

The AWS Marketplace Metering Service is a pricing and metering feature that sellers can use to directly charge for their software by one of four usage categories: users, data, bandwidth, or hosts. You can use the Metering Service with AMI-based, container-based, and SaaS-based products.

All AMI-based software that uses the Metering Service must meet the following requirements:

  • Your software must be launched from AWS Marketplace through an Amazon Machine Image (AMI).
  • If you have an existing product in AWS Marketplace, you must submit a new AMI and create a new product to enable this feature.
  • All software must be provisioned with an AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) role. The end customer must add an IAM role to the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instance the user is provisioning with the software. Currently, the use of an IAM role is optional when you deploy software through AWS Marketplace. It is required when you deploy AWS Marketplace Metering Service software.
  • Your software must be able to determine consumption in some way.

Products that use the Metering Service must charge customers along a single usage category, but you can define up to 24 dimensions of a single category. Depending on the category, software can be priced by provisioned resources, concurrent resources, or accumulated resource consumption. All charges are still incurred hourly by the customer. All usage is calculated and billed monthly using the same mechanism as existing AWS Marketplace software.

The AWS Marketplace Metering Service enables several new scenarios. For example, if your software monitors hosts, you can charge for each host monitored. You can have different prices based on the host size, and charge for the number of concurrent hosts monitored each hour. Similarly, if your software allows many users across an organization to sign in, you can charge by the number of users. Each hour, the customer is charged for the total number of provisioned users.

Below are the cmdlets which are available with AWS Marketplace Metering

New-MCADataSet                                     GenerateDataSet                               AWS Marketplace Commerce Analytics                   
Start-MCASupportDataExport                         StartSupportDataExport                        AWS Marketplace Commerce Analytics                   
Get-MMCustomerMetadata                             ResolveCustomer                               AWS Marketplace Metering                             
Register-MMUsage                                   RegisterUsage                                 AWS Marketplace Metering                             
Send-MMMeteringData                                MeterUsage                                    AWS Marketplace Metering                             
Send-MMMeteringDataBatch                           BatchMeterUsage                               AWS Marketplace Metering                             
Get-MESEntitlementList                             GetEntitlements                               AWS Marketplace Entitlement Service                  

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References are taken from Microsoft and AWS

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