AWS IoT Things Graph

AWS IoT Things Graph is a service that makes it easy to visually connect different devices and web services to build IoT applications.

IoT applications are being built today using a variety of devices and web services to automate tasks for a wide range of use cases, such as smart homes, industrial automation, and energy management. Because there aren’t any widely adopted standards, it’s difficult today for developers to get devices from multiple manufacturers to connect to each other as well as with web services. This forces developers to write lots of code to wire together all of the devices and web services they need for their IoT application. AWS IoT Things Graph provides a visual drag-and-drop interface for connecting and coordinating interactions between devices and web services, so you can build IoT applications quickly. For example, in a commercial agriculture application, you can define interactions between humidity, temperature, and sprinkler sensors with weather data services in the cloud to automate watering. You represent devices and services using pre-built reusable components, called models, that hide low-level details, such as protocols and interfaces, and are easy to integrate to create sophisticated workflows.

You can get started with AWS IoT Things Graph using these pre-built models for popular device types, such as cameras, motion sensors, and switches, as well as web services such as Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) or Amazon Rekognition, or create your own custom models. You can deploy and run your IoT applications to the AWS Cloud or AWS IoT Greengrass-enabled devices such as edge gateways and cable set-top boxes, in just a few clicks. AWS IoT Greengrass is software that provides local compute and secure cloud connectivity so devices can respond quickly to local events even without internet connectivity, and runs on a huge range of devices from a Raspberry Pi to a server-level appliance.

Below are the cmdlets which are available with AWS IoT Things Graph

Add-IOTTGEntityToThing                             AssociateEntityToThing                        
Add-IOTTGResourceTag                               TagResource                                   
Add-IOTTGSystemInstanceDeployment                  DeploySystemInstance                          
Get-IOTTGEntity                                    GetEntities                                   
Get-IOTTGFlowExecutionMessageList                  ListFlowExecutionMessages                     
Get-IOTTGFlowTemplate                              GetFlowTemplate                               
Get-IOTTGFlowTemplateRevision                      GetFlowTemplateRevisions                      
Get-IOTTGNamespace                                 DescribeNamespace                             
Get-IOTTGNamespaceDeletionStatus                   GetNamespaceDeletionStatus                    
Get-IOTTGResourceTag                               ListTagsForResource                           
Get-IOTTGSystemInstance                            GetSystemInstance                             
Get-IOTTGSystemTemplate                            GetSystemTemplate                             
Get-IOTTGSystemTemplateRevision                    GetSystemTemplateRevisions                    
Get-IOTTGUploadStatus                              GetUploadStatus                               
New-IOTTGFlowTemplate                              CreateFlowTemplate                            
New-IOTTGSystemInstance                            CreateSystemInstance                          
New-IOTTGSystemTemplate                            CreateSystemTemplate                          
Remove-IOTTGEntityFromThing                        DissociateEntityFromThing                     
Remove-IOTTGFlowTemplate                           DeleteFlowTemplate                            
Remove-IOTTGNamespace                              DeleteNamespace                               
Remove-IOTTGResourceTag                            UntagResource                                 
Remove-IOTTGSystemInstance                         DeleteSystemInstance                          
Remove-IOTTGSystemInstanceDeployment               UndeploySystemInstance                        
Remove-IOTTGSystemTemplate                         DeleteSystemTemplate                          
Search-IOTTGEntity                                 SearchEntities                                
Search-IOTTGFlowExecution                          SearchFlowExecutions                          
Search-IOTTGFlowTemplate                           SearchFlowTemplates                           
Search-IOTTGSystemInstance                         SearchSystemInstances                         
Search-IOTTGSystemTemplate                         SearchSystemTemplates                         
Search-IOTTGThing                                  SearchThings                                  
Set-IOTTGEntityDefinition                          UploadEntityDefinitions                       
Set-IOTTGFlowTemplateDeprecation                   DeprecateFlowTemplate                         
Set-IOTTGSystemTemplateDeprecation                 DeprecateSystemTemplate                       
Update-IOTTGFlowTemplate                           UpdateFlowTemplate                            
Update-IOTTGSystemTemplate                         UpdateSystemTemplate                          

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References are taken from Microsoft and AWS

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