AWS IoT SiteWise

AWS IoT SiteWise is a managed service that makes it easy to collect, store, organize and monitor data from industrial equipment at scale to help you make better, data-driven decisions. You can use AWS IoT SiteWise to monitor operations across facilities, quickly compute common industrial performance metrics, and create applications that analyze industrial equipment data to prevent costly equipment issues and reduce gaps in production. This allows you to collect data consistently across devices, identify issues with remote monitoring more quickly, and improve multi-site processes with centralized data.

Today, getting performance metrics from industrial equipment is challenging because data is often locked into proprietary on-premises data stores and typically requires specialized expertise to retrieve and place in a format that is useful for analysis. AWS IoT SiteWise simplifies this process by providing software running on a gateway that resides in your facilities and automates the process of collecting and organizing industrial equipment data. This gateway securely connects to your on-premises data servers, collects data, and sends the data to the AWS Cloud. AWS IoT SiteWise also provides interfaces for collecting data from modern industrial applications through MQTT messages or APIs.

You can use AWS IoT SiteWise to model your physical assets, processes and facilities, quickly compute common industrial performance metrics, and create fully managed web applications to help analyze industrial equipment data, reduce costs and make faster decisions. With AWS IoT SiteWise, you can focus on understanding and optimizing your operations, rather than building costly in-house data collection and management applications.

Below are the cmdlets which are available with AWS IoT SiteWise

Add-IOTSWResourceTag                               TagResource                                   
Connect-IOTSWAsset                                 AssociateAssets                               
Connect-IOTSWAssociateProjectAsset                 BatchAssociateProjectAssets                   
Disconnect-IOTSWAsset                              DisassociateAssets                            
Disconnect-IOTSWDisassociateProjectAsset           BatchDisassociateProjectAssets                
Get-IOTSWAccessPolicy                              DescribeAccessPolicy                          
Get-IOTSWAccessPolicyList                          ListAccessPolicies                            
Get-IOTSWAsset                                     DescribeAsset                                 
Get-IOTSWAssetList                                 ListAssets                                    
Get-IOTSWAssetModel                                DescribeAssetModel                            
Get-IOTSWAssetModelList                            ListAssetModels                               
Get-IOTSWAssetProperty                             DescribeAssetProperty                         
Get-IOTSWAssetPropertyAggregate                    GetAssetPropertyAggregates                    
Get-IOTSWAssetPropertyValue                        GetAssetPropertyValue                         
Get-IOTSWAssetPropertyValueHistory                 GetAssetPropertyValueHistory                  
Get-IOTSWAssociatedAssetList                       ListAssociatedAssets                          
Get-IOTSWDashboard                                 DescribeDashboard                             
Get-IOTSWDashboardList                             ListDashboards                                
Get-IOTSWGateway                                   DescribeGateway                               
Get-IOTSWGatewayCapabilityConfiguration            DescribeGatewayCapabilityConfiguration        
Get-IOTSWGatewayList                               ListGateways                                  
Get-IOTSWLoggingOption                             DescribeLoggingOptions                        
Get-IOTSWPortal                                    DescribePortal                                
Get-IOTSWPortalList                                ListPortals                                   
Get-IOTSWProject                                   DescribeProject                               
Get-IOTSWProjectAssetList                          ListProjectAssets                             
Get-IOTSWProjectList                               ListProjects                                  
Get-IOTSWResourceTag                               ListTagsForResource                           
Import-IOTSWPutAssetPropertyValue                  BatchPutAssetPropertyValue                    
New-IOTSWAccessPolicy                              CreateAccessPolicy                            
New-IOTSWAsset                                     CreateAsset                                   
New-IOTSWAssetModel                                CreateAssetModel                              
New-IOTSWDashboard                                 CreateDashboard                               
New-IOTSWGateway                                   CreateGateway                                 
New-IOTSWPortal                                    CreatePortal                                  
New-IOTSWProject                                   CreateProject                                 
Remove-IOTSWAccessPolicy                           DeleteAccessPolicy                            
Remove-IOTSWAsset                                  DeleteAsset                                   
Remove-IOTSWAssetModel                             DeleteAssetModel                              
Remove-IOTSWDashboard                              DeleteDashboard                               
Remove-IOTSWGateway                                DeleteGateway                                 
Remove-IOTSWPortal                                 DeletePortal                                  
Remove-IOTSWProject                                DeleteProject                                 
Remove-IOTSWResourceTag                            UntagResource                                 
Update-IOTSWAccessPolicy                           UpdateAccessPolicy                            
Update-IOTSWAsset                                  UpdateAsset                                   
Update-IOTSWAssetModel                             UpdateAssetModel                              
Update-IOTSWAssetProperty                          UpdateAssetProperty                           
Update-IOTSWDashboard                              UpdateDashboard                               
Update-IOTSWGateway                                UpdateGateway                                 
Update-IOTSWGatewayCapabilityConfiguration         UpdateGatewayCapabilityConfiguration          
Update-IOTSWPortal                                 UpdatePortal                                  
Update-IOTSWProject                                UpdateProject                                 
Write-IOTSWLoggingOption                           PutLoggingOptions                             

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References are taken from Microsoft and AWS

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