AWS Data Exchange

AWS Data Exchange makes it easy to find, subscribe to, and use third-party data in the cloud. Qualified data providers include category-leading brands such as Reuters, who curate data from over 2.2 million unique news stories per year in multiple languages; Change Healthcare, who process and anonymize more than 14 billion healthcare transactions and $1 trillion in claims annually; Dun & Bradstreet, who maintain a database of more than 330 million global business records; and Foursquare, whose location data is derived from 220 million unique consumers and includes more than 60 million global commercial venues.

Once subscribed to a data product, you can use the AWS Data Exchange API to load data directly into Amazon S3 and then analyze it with a wide variety of AWS analytics and machine learning services. For example, property insurers can subscribe to data to analyze historical weather patterns to calibrate insurance coverage requirements in different geographies; restaurants can subscribe to population and location data to identify optimal regions for expansion; academic researchers can conduct studies on climate change by subscribing to data on carbon dioxide emissions; and healthcare professionals can subscribe to aggregated data from historical clinical trials to accelerate their research activities.

For data providers, AWS Data Exchange makes it easy to reach the millions of AWS customers migrating to the cloud by removing the need to build and maintain infrastructure for data storage, delivery, billing, and entitling.

Below are the cmdlets which are available with AWS Data Exchange

Add-DTEXResourceTag                                TagResource                                   
Get-DTEXAsset                                      GetAsset                                      
Get-DTEXDataSet                                    GetDataSet                                    
Get-DTEXDataSetList                                ListDataSets                                  
Get-DTEXDataSetRevisionList                        ListDataSetRevisions                          
Get-DTEXJob                                        GetJob                                        
Get-DTEXJobList                                    ListJobs                                      
Get-DTEXResourceTag                                ListTagsForResource                           
Get-DTEXRevision                                   GetRevision                                   
Get-DTEXRevisionAssetList                          ListRevisionAssets                            
New-DTEXDataSet                                    CreateDataSet                                 
New-DTEXJob                                        CreateJob                                     
New-DTEXRevision                                   CreateRevision                                
Remove-DTEXAsset                                   DeleteAsset                                   
Remove-DTEXDataSet                                 DeleteDataSet                                 
Remove-DTEXResourceTag                             UntagResource                                 
Remove-DTEXRevision                                DeleteRevision                                
Start-DTEXJob                                      StartJob                                      
Stop-DTEXJob                                       CancelJob                                     
Update-DTEXAsset                                   UpdateAsset                                   
Update-DTEXDataSet                                 UpdateDataSet                                 
Update-DTEXRevision                                UpdateRevision                                

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References are taken from Microsoft and AWS

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