AWS Cost Explorer

AWS Cost Explorer has an easy-to-use interface that lets you visualize, understand, and manage your AWS costs and usage over time.

Get started quickly by creating custom reports that analyze cost and usage data. Analyze your data at a high level (for example, total costs and usage across all accounts) or dive deeper into your cost and usage data to identify trends, pinpoint cost drivers, and detect anomalies.

Below are the cmdlets which are available with AWS Cost Explorer

Get-CECostAndUsage                                 GetCostAndUsage                               
Get-CECostAndUsageWithResource                     GetCostAndUsageWithResources                  
Get-CECostCategoryDefinition                       DescribeCostCategoryDefinition                
Get-CECostCategoryDefinitionList                   ListCostCategoryDefinitions                   
Get-CECostForecast                                 GetCostForecast                               
Get-CEDimensionValue                               GetDimensionValues                            
Get-CEReservationCoverage                          GetReservationCoverage                        
Get-CEReservationPurchaseRecommendation            GetReservationPurchaseRecommendation          
Get-CEReservationUtilization                       GetReservationUtilization                     
Get-CERightsizingRecommendation                    GetRightsizingRecommendation                  
Get-CESavingsPlansCoverage                         GetSavingsPlansCoverage                       
Get-CESavingsPlansPurchaseRecommendation           GetSavingsPlansPurchaseRecommendation         
Get-CESavingsPlansUtilization                      GetSavingsPlansUtilization                    
Get-CESavingsPlansUtilizationDetail                GetSavingsPlansUtilizationDetails             
Get-CETag                                          GetTags                                       
Get-CEUsageForecast                                GetUsageForecast                              
New-CECostCategoryDefinition                       CreateCostCategoryDefinition                  
Remove-CECostCategoryDefinition                    DeleteCostCategoryDefinition                  
Update-CECostCategoryDefinition                    UpdateCostCategoryDefinition                  

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References are taken from Microsoft and AWS

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