AWS CodeBuild

AWS CodeBuild is a fully managed continuous integration service that compiles source code, runs tests, and produces software packages that are ready to deploy. With CodeBuild, you don’t need to provision, manage, and scale your own build servers. CodeBuild scales continuously and processes multiple builds concurrently, so your builds are not left waiting in a queue. You can get started quickly by using prepackaged build environments, or you can create custom build environments that use your own build tools. With CodeBuild, you are charged by the minute for the compute resources you use.

Below are the cmdlets which are available with AWS CodeBuild

Get-CBBuildBatch                                   BatchGetBuilds                                
Get-CBBuildIdList                                  ListBuilds                                    
Get-CBBuildIdListForProject                        ListBuildsForProject                          
Get-CBCuratedEnvironmentImageList                  ListCuratedEnvironmentImages                  
Get-CBProjectBatch                                 BatchGetProjects                              
Get-CBProjectList                                  ListProjects                                  
Get-CBReportBatch                                  BatchGetReports                               
Get-CBReportGroupBatch                             BatchGetReportGroups                          
Get-CBReportGroupList                              ListReportGroups                              
Get-CBReportList                                   ListReports                                   
Get-CBReportsForReportGroupList                    ListReportsForReportGroup                     
Get-CBResourcePolicy                               GetResourcePolicy                             
Get-CBSharedProjectList                            ListSharedProjects                            
Get-CBSharedReportGroupList                        ListSharedReportGroups                        
Get-CBSourceCredentialList                         ListSourceCredentials                         
Get-CBTestCase                                     DescribeTestCases                             
Import-CBSourceCredential                          ImportSourceCredentials                       
New-CBProject                                      CreateProject                                 
New-CBReportGroup                                  CreateReportGroup                             
New-CBWebhook                                      CreateWebhook                                 
Remove-CBBuildBatch                                BatchDeleteBuilds                             
Remove-CBProject                                   DeleteProject                                 
Remove-CBReport                                    DeleteReport                                  
Remove-CBReportGroup                               DeleteReportGroup                             
Remove-CBResourcePolicy                            DeleteResourcePolicy                          
Remove-CBSourceCredential                          DeleteSourceCredentials                       
Remove-CBWebhook                                   DeleteWebhook                                 
Reset-CBProjectCache                               InvalidateProjectCache                        
Start-CBBuild                                      StartBuild                                    
Stop-CBBuild                                       StopBuild                                     
Update-CBProject                                   UpdateProject                                 
Update-CBReportGroup                               UpdateReportGroup                             
Update-CBWebhook                                   UpdateWebhook                                 
Write-CBResourcePolicy                             PutResourcePolicy                             

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References are taken from Microsoft and AWS

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