AWS CodeArtifact

AWS CodeArtifact is a fully managed artifact repository service that makes it easy for organizations of any size to securely store, publish, and share software packages used in their software development process. CodeArtifact can be configured to automatically fetch software packages and dependencies from public artifact repositories so developers have access to the latest versions. CodeArtifact works with commonly used package managers and build tools like Maven, Gradle, npm, yarn, twine, and pip, making it easy to integrate into existing development workflows.

Development teams often rely on both open-source software packages and those packages built within their organization. IT leaders need to be able to control access to and validate the safety of these software packages. Teams need a way to find up-to-date packages that have been approved for use by their IT leaders. To address these challenges, IT leaders turn to central artifact repository services to store and share packages. However, existing solutions often require teams to purchase licenses for software solutions that are complex to setup, scale, and operate.

AWS CodeArtifact is a pay-as-you go artifact repository service that scales based on the needs of the organization. With CodeArtifact there is no software to update or servers to manage. In just a few clicks, IT leaders can set-up central repositories that make it easy for development teams to find and use the software packages they need. IT leaders can also approve packages and control distribution across the organization, ensuring development teams consume software packages that are safe for use.

Below are the cmdlets which are available with AWS CodeArtifact

Connect-CAExternalConnection                       AssociateExternalConnection                   
Copy-CAPackageVersion                              CopyPackageVersions                           
Disconnect-CAExternalConnection                    DisassociateExternalConnection                
Get-CAAuthorizationToken                           GetAuthorizationToken                         
Get-CADomain                                       DescribeDomain                                
Get-CADomainList                                   ListDomains                                   
Get-CADomainPermissionsPolicy                      GetDomainPermissionsPolicy                    
Get-CAPackageList                                  ListPackages                                  
Get-CAPackageVersion                               DescribePackageVersion                        
Get-CAPackageVersionAsset                          GetPackageVersionAsset                        
Get-CAPackageVersionAssetList                      ListPackageVersionAssets                      
Get-CAPackageVersionDependencyList                 ListPackageVersionDependencies                
Get-CAPackageVersionList                           ListPackageVersions                           
Get-CAPackageVersionReadme                         GetPackageVersionReadme                       
Get-CARepositoriesInDomainList                     ListRepositoriesInDomain                      
Get-CARepository                                   DescribeRepository                            
Get-CARepositoryEndpoint                           GetRepositoryEndpoint                         
Get-CARepositoryList                               ListRepositories                              
Get-CARepositoryPermissionsPolicy                  GetRepositoryPermissionsPolicy                
New-CADomain                                       CreateDomain                                  
New-CARepository                                   CreateRepository                              
Remove-CADomain                                    DeleteDomain                                  
Remove-CADomainPermissionsPolicy                   DeleteDomainPermissionsPolicy                 
Remove-CAPackageVersion                            DeletePackageVersions                         
Remove-CARepository                                DeleteRepository                              
Remove-CARepositoryPermissionsPolicy               DeleteRepositoryPermissionsPolicy             
Unpublish-CAPackageVersion                         DisposePackageVersions                        
Update-CAPackageVersionsStatus                     UpdatePackageVersionsStatus                   
Update-CARepository                                UpdateRepository                              
Write-CADomainPermissionsPolicy                    PutDomainPermissionsPolicy                    
Write-CARepositoryPermissionsPolicy                PutRepositoryPermissionsPolicy                

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References are taken from Microsoft and AWS

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