Amazon DynamoDB

Amazon DynamoDB is a key-value and document database that delivers single-digit millisecond performance at any scale. It’s a fully managed, multiregion, multimaster, durable database with built-in security, backup and restore, and in-memory caching for internet-scale applications. DynamoDB can handle more than 10 trillion requests per day and can support peaks of more than 20 million requests per second.

Many of the world’s fastest growing businesses such as Lyft, Airbnb, and Redfin as well as enterprises such as Samsung, Toyota, and Capital One depend on the scale and performance of DynamoDB to support their mission-critical workloads.

Hundreds of thousands of AWS customers have chosen DynamoDB as their key-value and document database for mobile, web, gaming, ad tech, IoT, and other applications that need low-latency data access at any scale. Create a new table for your application and let DynamoDB handle the rest.

Below are the cmdlets which are available with Amazon DynamoDB

Add-DDBResourceTag                                 TagResource                                   
Get-DDBBackup                                      DescribeBackup                                
Get-DDBBackupList                                  ListBackups                                   
Get-DDBContinuousBackup                            DescribeContinuousBackups                     
Get-DDBContributorInsight                          DescribeContributorInsights                   
Get-DDBContributorInsightList                      ListContributorInsights                       
Get-DDBEndpoint                                    DescribeEndpoints                             
Get-DDBGlobalTable                                 DescribeGlobalTable                           
Get-DDBGlobalTableList                             ListGlobalTables                              
Get-DDBGlobalTableSetting                          DescribeGlobalTableSettings                   
Get-DDBItemTransactionally                         TransactGetItems                              
Get-DDBProvisionLimit                              DescribeLimits                                
Get-DDBResourceTag                                 ListTagsOfResource                            
Get-DDBStream                                      DescribeStream                                
Get-DDBStreamList                                  ListStreams                                   
Get-DDBTable                                       DescribeTable                                 
Get-DDBTableList                                   ListTables                                    
Get-DDBTableReplicaAutoScaling                     DescribeTableReplicaAutoScaling               
Get-DDBTimeToLive                                  DescribeTimeToLive                            
New-DDBBackup                                      CreateBackup                                  
New-DDBGlobalTable                                 CreateGlobalTable                             
New-DDBTable                                       CreateTable                                   
New-DDBTable                                       CreateTable                                   
Remove-DDBBackup                                   DeleteBackup                                  
Remove-DDBResourceTag                              UntagResource                                 
Remove-DDBTable                                    DeleteTable                                   
Restore-DDBTableFromBackup                         RestoreTableFromBackup                        
Restore-DDBTableToPointInTime                      RestoreTableToPointInTime                     
Update-DDBContinuousBackup                         UpdateContinuousBackups                       
Update-DDBContributorInsight                       UpdateContributorInsights                     
Update-DDBGlobalTable                              UpdateGlobalTable                             
Update-DDBGlobalTableSetting                       UpdateGlobalTableSettings                     
Update-DDBTable                                    UpdateTable                                   
Update-DDBTableReplicaAutoScaling                  UpdateTableReplicaAutoScaling                 
Update-DDBTimeToLive                               UpdateTimeToLive                              
Write-DDBItemTransactionally                       TransactWriteItems                            

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References are taken from Microsoft and AWS

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