Amazon DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX)

Amazon DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX) is a fully managed, highly available, in-memory cache for DynamoDB that delivers up to a 10x performance improvement – from milliseconds to microseconds – even at millions of requests per second. DAX does all the heavy lifting required to add in-memory acceleration to your DynamoDB tables, without requiring developers to manage cache invalidation, data population, or cluster management. Now you can focus on building great applications for your customers without worrying about performance at scale. You do not need to modify application logic, since DAX is compatible with existing DynamoDB API calls. You can enable DAX with just a few clicks in the AWS Management Console or using the AWS SDK. Just as with DynamoDB, you only pay for the capacity you provision. 

Below are the cmdlets which are available with Amazon DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX)

Add-DAXResourceTag                                 TagResource                                   
Get-DAXCluster                                     DescribeClusters                              
Get-DAXDefaultParameter                            DescribeDefaultParameters                     
Get-DAXEvent                                       DescribeEvents                                
Get-DAXParameter                                   DescribeParameters                            
Get-DAXParameterGroup                              DescribeParameterGroups                       
Get-DAXResourceTag                                 ListTags                                      
Get-DAXSubnetGroup                                 DescribeSubnetGroups                          
New-DAXCluster                                     CreateCluster                                 
New-DAXParameterGroup                              CreateParameterGroup                          
New-DAXSubnetGroup                                 CreateSubnetGroup                             
Remove-DAXCluster                                  DeleteCluster                                 
Remove-DAXParameterGroup                           DeleteParameterGroup                          
Remove-DAXResourceTag                              UntagResource                                 
Remove-DAXSubnetGroup                              DeleteSubnetGroup                             
Restart-DAXNode                                    RebootNode                                    
Set-DAXReplicationFactorDecrease                   DecreaseReplicationFactor                     
Set-DAXReplicationFactorIncrease                   IncreaseReplicationFactor                     
Update-DAXCluster                                  UpdateCluster                                 
Update-DAXParameterGroup                           UpdateParameterGroup                          
Update-DAXSubnetGroup                              UpdateSubnetGroup                             

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References are taken from Microsoft and AWS

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