CISCO UCS License Installation

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By Default, Cisco UCS FI port provides 12 ports usage. Connecting more than 12 ports need to be assigned with licenses.

Step 1: The Alert is shown when we used the Cisco UCS FI port usage is above the 12 ports

Cisco ucs manager

Step 2: Here is the screenshot shows Total Quantity of license is 30, Used Quantity is 32. So, we need to assign a license of 2 Quantity for the FI A

eth port activation ucs ciso license

Step 3: Purchase the license .lic file from the Cisco Support. Download and extract the .lic file in a folder.

Step 4: Select the Admin Filter and select License Management

ucs manager license installtion cisco

Step 5: Based on the Identified FI A/B select the Download Tasks and Download License

cisco ucs license installation fabric

Step 6: Browse the .lic file from the extracted folder location

Step 7: After the Download License, Select the next tab Downloaded License Files, Select the newly downloaded license which shows as validated. After the selection, it shows the Total Quantity the license file supports

cisco ucs license management

Step 8:  Newly downloaded license which shows as validated and click Install License

cisco ucs license installtion fabric intercnnect

Step 9: Now the General Tab in the same page which you select, it shows the Used Quantity and Total Quantity matches and the License matches.

cisco ucs license management quantity

Now you can use more than 12 Ports to connect your UCS FI

This is the simple steps for CISCO UCS License Installation

If you face any issue comment below, we will resolve it and provide you the resolution.

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