ESXi Host Maintenance Reboot

Hello, in this blog we will discuss about the Reboot of the ESXi Host by placing the Host into Maintenance Mode


  • Check the DRS Settings and make sure its fully automated
  • Make sure the VM is enabled for DRS
  • Check the vMotion Settings, IP config and Connectivity
  • Get the login access to the Cisco UCS Management Console
  • Have a list of VMs running in the ESXi Host

Restart the ESXi Server

1. Right Click on the ESXi Server – Select Enter Maintenance Mode and Click YES

2. The ESXi Server starts moving the VMs(vMotion) to the other available ESXi Servers. The process might take a long time, keep monitoring the vMotion

3. Once the Host enters to Maintenance Mode

4. Select the ESXi Host – Right Click Reboot

5. Monitor the Reboot process using the UCS KVM console of ESXi Server

6. After the Reboot of ESXi Server – Right Click and Select Exit Maintenance Mode

Check the status

1. Once the ESXi is back to the service, Check the Settings of ESXi

2. Migrate some VMs and ping the VM IP address, accessibility to check the status.

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