Reset the Password of Coldfusion

Step 1: To reset your password in CF MX, go to C:\CFusionMX\lib where C is your installation drive. Then find the file neo-security.xml and you are going to have to edit the code in this document. look for the line

<var name=””>

<boolean value=”true” />


then change the boolean value from true to false. Restart the ColdFusion Server. You should now be able to change your password. If you can’t, you can go directly to the page: http://localhost/CFIDE/administrator/security/cfadminpassword.cfm

Step 2: This step is to reset the password for ColdFusion for version 5 or earlier. Edit the registry (regedit.exe) and go to this key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE  then go to Software then to Allaire then ColdFusion then Current Version then Server. Now find the UseAdminPassword attribute and set it to 0. Now restart your ColdFusion Server and go to the main page and you should be able to log in with a blank password. If not navigate to the page directly which is:


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