Install VMware workstation on windows

This Blog is intended to provide detailed instructions on how to Install VMware workstation on windows

Download the VMware workstation player from the browser which you are in favor in with.

You can get to VMware website though given link,

click >>on the first option VMware Workstation 15.0.2 Player for Windows 64 bit Operating Systems.

Else click >> on the given link below,

You will get a new tab opened in your browser asking to download the VMware Workstation Player 15.0.2

Get to the path where it has been downloaded and click >> on the exe file, as shown below.

Then the installation begins,

Click on>> next

Check the check box >> to proceed with the installation,

Check the check box >> to proceed with the installation,

Follow the same as below.

Now, click on install and here it Takes time as it has to extract the files and install.

Click >> Finish

Here it asks for the key if you want to use this VMware workstation as your commercial use then you have to purchase the VMware workstation .If you are a student or you just need this to use it for non-commercial use then you can select the non-commercial version and click >> continue.

As you can see, I am using the non-commercial version it’s showing (Non-commercial use only) on the title bar.

  • Create a new Virtual Machine :

Here, you can create a new virtual machine like,

If you want to run UBUNTU in windows,

You can easily install it in VMware using VMware workstation.

  • Open a Virtual Machine:

To know how to install Ubuntu in VMware workstation click on the give link below,

After you install any Operating System,

Here, you can open the virtual machine which you have installed previously, and if you want to access it you can just select the Operating System, and on the right side you will get as shown below.

Click >> Play Virtual Machine

You can also edit the Virtual machine settings assigned to the particular VMware.

This we see in the installation of Ubuntu in the following link

  • Upgrade to VMware workstation Pro:

If you want some more additional features in your VMware workstation then you can click on this.

We hope this is easy and reliable steps for Install VMware workstation on windows

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