Post-Deployment Configuring Active Directory on Windows Server 2016

In ActiveDirectory (addsadministration) we have seen how to Install the Active Directory Features. In this Blog we are seeing Post-Deployment Configuring Active Directory on Windows Server 2016 or Configuring Active Directory Domain Services.

Once you finish Installing Active Directory Features, you can go to Server Manager page on the Server. You can see the exclamation  symbol on the top right corner which will ask for Past-deployment Configuration.

Server manager dashboard active directory

Click on the “Promote this server to a domain controller

active directory post deployment configuration

You can see the Deployment Configuration, where you can select the Deployment operation based on your requirement.

Add a domain controller to an existing domain – You should have an existing domain so based on that you can configure Additional Domain Controller(ADC)

Add a new domain to an existing forest – You should have existing Domain based on that you can create an Child Domain or Tree Domain

Add a new forest – This will creates the new domain controller.

active directory domain type forest add

We have selected the Add a new forest.

You can select the Forest functional level and Domain functional level. If you want to have lower Server versions in your domain then you can change it based on the requirements.

active directory domain controller options Global Catalog DNS functional level

Create DNS Delegation

active directory DNS delegation options

Provide the NetBIOS domain Name

active directory netbios domain name

Provide the path for the Active Directory Database, log files and SYSVOL files. Default it will be C:\Windows\NTDS for Database and LogFile. C:\Windows\SYSVOl for SYSVOL file.

active directory domain Services Database log sysvol

Review Options will give full information on the selection. Here you can export all the settings which you have made to the script.

active directory domain services review options global catalog

Prerequisites Check will go through all the details and make sure all the required components and installed and configured properly. If their is an issue it will shows as Warnings and Errors.

active directory domain services prerequisites check  install

Once we click on Install it will Configure the Active Directory and ask for the reboot.

active directory domain services  install results starting

We hope Post-Deployment Configuring Active Directory on Windows Server 2016 has been covered step by step. If you have any quires comment below.

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References are taken from Microsoft

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