Firewall Management Service

AWS Firewall Manager is a security management service which allows you to centrally configure and manage firewall rules across your accounts and applications in AWS Organization. As new applications are created, Firewall Manager makes it easy to bring new applications and resources into compliance by enforcing a common set of security rules. Now you have a single service to build firewall rules, create security policies, and enforce them in a consistent, hierarchical manner across your entire infrastructure.

Using AWS Firewall Manager, you can easily roll out AWS WAF rules for your Application Load Balancers, API Gateways, and Amazon CloudFront distributions. Similarly, you can create AWS Shield Advanced protections for your Application Load Balancers, ELB Classic Load Balancers, Elastic IP Addresses and CloudFront distributions. Finally, with AWS Firewall Manager, you can enable security groups for your Amazon EC2 and ENI resource types in Amazon VPCs.

Below are the cmdlets which are available with Firewall Management Service

Add-FMSAdminAccountAssociation                     AssociateAdminAccount                         
Add-FMSResourceTag                                 TagResource                                   
Get-FMSAdminAccount                                GetAdminAccount                               
Get-FMSComplianceDetail                            GetComplianceDetail                           
Get-FMSComplianceStatusList                        ListComplianceStatus                          
Get-FMSMemberAccountList                           ListMemberAccounts                            
Get-FMSNotificationChannel                         GetNotificationChannel                        
Get-FMSPolicy                                      GetPolicy                                     
Get-FMSPolicyList                                  ListPolicies                                  
Get-FMSProtectionStatus                            GetProtectionStatus                           
Get-FMSResourceTag                                 ListTagsForResource                           
Remove-FMSAdminAccountAssociation                  DisassociateAdminAccount                      
Remove-FMSNotificationChannel                      DeleteNotificationChannel                     
Remove-FMSPolicy                                   DeletePolicy                                  
Remove-FMSResourceTag                              UntagResource                                 
Set-FMSPolicy                                      PutPolicy                                     
Write-FMSNotificationChannel                       PutNotificationChannel                        

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References are taken from Microsoft and AWS

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