EC2 Image Builder

EC2 Image Builder simplifies the creation, maintenance, validation, sharing, and deployment of Linux or Windows Server images for use with Amazon EC2 and on-premises.

Keeping server images up-to-date can be time consuming, resource intensive, and error-prone. Currently, customers either manually update and snapshot VMs or have teams that build automation scripts to maintain images.

Image Builder significantly reduces the effort of keeping images up-to-date and secure by providing a simple graphical interface, built-in automation, and AWS-provided security settings. With Image Builder, there are no manual steps for updating an image nor do you have to build your own automation pipeline.

Image Builder is offered at no cost, other than the cost of the underlying AWS resources used to create, store, and share the images.

Below are the cmdlets which are available with EC2 Image Builder

Add-EC2IBResourceTag                               TagResource                                   
Get-EC2IBComponent                                 GetComponent                                  
Get-EC2IBComponentBuildVersionList                 ListComponentBuildVersions                    
Get-EC2IBComponentList                             ListComponents                                
Get-EC2IBComponentPolicy                           GetComponentPolicy                            
Get-EC2IBDistributionConfiguration                 GetDistributionConfiguration                  
Get-EC2IBDistributionConfigurationList             ListDistributionConfigurations                
Get-EC2IBImage                                     GetImage                                      
Get-EC2IBImageBuildVersionList                     ListImageBuildVersions                        
Get-EC2IBImageList                                 ListImages                                    
Get-EC2IBImagePipeline                             GetImagePipeline                              
Get-EC2IBImagePipelineImageList                    ListImagePipelineImages                       
Get-EC2IBImagePipelineList                         ListImagePipelines                            
Get-EC2IBImagePolicy                               GetImagePolicy                                
Get-EC2IBImageRecipe                               GetImageRecipe                                
Get-EC2IBImageRecipeList                           ListImageRecipes                              
Get-EC2IBImageRecipePolicy                         GetImageRecipePolicy                          
Get-EC2IBInfrastructureConfiguration               GetInfrastructureConfiguration                
Get-EC2IBInfrastructureConfigurationList           ListInfrastructureConfigurations              
Get-EC2IBResourceTag                               ListTagsForResource                           
Import-EC2IBComponent                              ImportComponent                               
New-EC2IBComponent                                 CreateComponent                               
New-EC2IBDistributionConfiguration                 CreateDistributionConfiguration               
New-EC2IBImage                                     CreateImage                                   
New-EC2IBImagePipeline                             CreateImagePipeline                           
New-EC2IBImageRecipe                               CreateImageRecipe                             
New-EC2IBInfrastructureConfiguration               CreateInfrastructureConfiguration             
Remove-EC2IBComponent                              DeleteComponent                               
Remove-EC2IBDistributionConfiguration              DeleteDistributionConfiguration               
Remove-EC2IBImage                                  DeleteImage                                   
Remove-EC2IBImagePipeline                          DeleteImagePipeline                           
Remove-EC2IBImageRecipe                            DeleteImageRecipe                             
Remove-EC2IBInfrastructureConfiguration            DeleteInfrastructureConfiguration             
Remove-EC2IBResourceTag                            UntagResource                                 
Start-EC2IBImagePipelineExecution                  StartImagePipelineExecution                   
Stop-EC2IBImageCreation                            CancelImageCreation                           
Update-EC2IBDistributionConfiguration              UpdateDistributionConfiguration               
Update-EC2IBImagePipeline                          UpdateImagePipeline                           
Update-EC2IBInfrastructureConfiguration            UpdateInfrastructureConfiguration             
Write-EC2IBComponentPolicy                         PutComponentPolicy                            
Write-EC2IBImagePolicy                             PutImagePolicy                                
Write-EC2IBImageRecipePolicy                       PutImageRecipePolicy                          

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References are taken from Microsoft and AWS

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