AWS Organizations

AWS Organizations helps you centrally govern your environment as you grow and scale your workloads on AWS. Whether you are a growing startup or a large enterprise, Organizations helps you to centrally manage billing; control access, compliance, and security; and share resources across your AWS accounts.

Using AWS Organizations, you can automate account creation, create groups of accounts to reflect your business needs, and apply policies for these groups for governance. You can also simplify billing by setting up a single payment method for all of your AWS accounts. Through integrations with other AWS services, you can use Organizations to define central configurations and resource sharing across accounts in your organization. AWS Organizations is available to all AWS customers at no additional charge.

Below are the cmdlets which are available with AWS Organizations

Add-ORGPolicy                                      AttachPolicy                                  
Add-ORGResourceTag                                 TagResource                                   
Confirm-ORGHandshake                               AcceptHandshake                               
Deny-ORGHandshake                                  DeclineHandshake                              
Disable-ORGAWSServiceAccess                        DisableAWSServiceAccess                       
Disable-ORGPolicyType                              DisablePolicyType                             
Dismount-ORGPolicy                                 DetachPolicy                                  
Enable-ORGAllFeature                               EnableAllFeatures                             
Enable-ORGAWSServiceAccess                         EnableAWSServiceAccess                        
Enable-ORGPolicyType                               EnablePolicyType                              
Get-ORGAccount                                     DescribeAccount                               
Get-ORGAccountCreationStatus                       DescribeCreateAccountStatus                   
Get-ORGAccountCreationStatusList                   ListCreateAccountStatus                       
Get-ORGAccountForParent                            ListAccountsForParent                         
Get-ORGAccountHandshakeList                        ListHandshakesForAccount                      
Get-ORGAccountList                                 ListAccounts                                  
Get-ORGAWSServiceAccessForOrganization             ListAWSServiceAccessForOrganization           
Get-ORGChild                                       ListChildren                                  
Get-ORGDelegatedAdministratorList                  ListDelegatedAdministrators                   
Get-ORGDelegatedServicesForAccountList             ListDelegatedServicesForAccount               
Get-ORGEffectivePolicy                             DescribeEffectivePolicy                       
Get-ORGHandshake                                   DescribeHandshake                             
Get-ORGOrganization                                DescribeOrganization                          
Get-ORGOrganizationalUnit                          DescribeOrganizationalUnit                    
Get-ORGOrganizationalUnitList                      ListOrganizationalUnitsForParent              
Get-ORGOrganizationHandshakeList                   ListHandshakesForOrganization                 
Get-ORGParent                                      ListParents                                   
Get-ORGPolicy                                      DescribePolicy                                
Get-ORGPolicyForTarget                             ListPoliciesForTarget                         
Get-ORGPolicyList                                  ListPolicies                                  
Get-ORGResourceTag                                 ListTagsForResource                           
Get-ORGRoot                                        ListRoots                                     
Get-ORGTargetForPolicy                             ListTargetsForPolicy                          
Move-ORGAccount                                    MoveAccount                                   
New-ORGAccount                                     CreateAccount                                 
New-ORGAccountInvitation                           InviteAccountToOrganization                   
New-ORGGovCloudAccount                             CreateGovCloudAccount                         
New-ORGOrganization                                CreateOrganization                            
New-ORGOrganizationalUnit                          CreateOrganizationalUnit                      
New-ORGPolicy                                      CreatePolicy                                  
Register-ORGDelegatedAdministrator                 RegisterDelegatedAdministrator                
Remove-ORGAccountFromOrganization                  RemoveAccountFromOrganization                 
Remove-ORGOrganization                             DeleteOrganization                            
Remove-ORGOrganizationalUnit                       DeleteOrganizationalUnit                      
Remove-ORGOrganizationAssociation                  LeaveOrganization                             
Remove-ORGPolicy                                   DeletePolicy                                  
Remove-ORGResourceTag                              UntagResource                                 
Stop-ORGHandshake                                  CancelHandshake                               
Unregister-ORGDelegatedAdministrator               DeregisterDelegatedAdministrator              
Update-ORGOrganizationalUnit                       UpdateOrganizationalUnit                      
Update-ORGPolicy                                   UpdatePolicy                                  

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References are taken from Microsoft and AWS

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