AWS Network Manager

Most global networks today include resources that are both located in the cloud and on on-premises networks. To monitor that entire global network, customers must stitch together data from these diverse locations. This results in an inconsistent management and monitoring experience, increased costs and efforts, and missed insights from the lack of visibility into the global network. AWS Network Manager

AWS Transit Gateway network manager provides a single global view of your private network. Start by registering your AWS Transit Gateways and defining your on-premises resources. Our partners, such as Cisco, Aruba, Silver Peak, and Aviatrix, have configured their software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) devices to connect with Transit Gateway network manager in only a few clicks. Then define the resources appearing in the dashboard of Transit Gateway network manager as devices, sites, and links. This enables you to visualize your global network in a topology diagram and in a geographical map. You can then review utilization metrics, such as bytes in/out, packets in/out, packets dropped, and alerts for changes in the topology, routing, and up/down connection status. 

Below are the cmdlets which are available with AWS Network Manager

Add-NMGRResourceTag                                TagResource                                   
Get-NMGRCustomerGatewayAssociation                 GetCustomerGatewayAssociations                
Get-NMGRDevice                                     GetDevices                                    
Get-NMGRGlobalNetwork                              DescribeGlobalNetworks                        
Get-NMGRLink                                       GetLinks                                      
Get-NMGRLinkAssociation                            GetLinkAssociations                           
Get-NMGRResourceTag                                ListTagsForResource                           
Get-NMGRSite                                       GetSites                                      
Get-NMGRTransitGatewayRegistration                 GetTransitGatewayRegistrations                
New-NMGRDevice                                     CreateDevice                                  
New-NMGRGlobalNetwork                              CreateGlobalNetwork                           
New-NMGRLink                                       CreateLink                                    
New-NMGRSite                                       CreateSite                                    
Register-NMGRCustomerGateway                       AssociateCustomerGateway                      
Register-NMGRLink                                  AssociateLink                                 
Register-NMGRTransitGateway                        RegisterTransitGateway                        
Remove-NMGRDevice                                  DeleteDevice                                  
Remove-NMGRGlobalNetwork                           DeleteGlobalNetwork                           
Remove-NMGRLink                                    DeleteLink                                    
Remove-NMGRResourceTag                             UntagResource                                 
Remove-NMGRSite                                    DeleteSite                                    
Unregister-NMGRCustomerGateway                     DisassociateCustomerGateway                   
Unregister-NMGRLink                                DisassociateLink                              
Unregister-NMGRTransitGateway                      DeregisterTransitGateway                      
Update-NMGRDevice                                  UpdateDevice                                  
Update-NMGRGlobalNetwork                           UpdateGlobalNetwork                           
Update-NMGRLink                                    UpdateLink                                    
Update-NMGRSite                                    UpdateSite                                    

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References are taken from Microsoft and AWS

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