AWS Elemental MediaTailor

AWS Elemental MediaTailor lets video providers insert individually targeted advertising into their video streams without sacrificing broadcast-level quality-of-service. With AWS Elemental MediaTailor, viewers of your live or on-demand video each receive a stream that combines your content with ads personalized to them. But unlike other personalized ad solutions, with AWS Elemental MediaTailor your entire stream – video and ads – is delivered with broadcast-grade video quality to improve the experience for your viewers. AWS Elemental Media Tailor delivers automated reporting based on both client and server-side ad delivery metrics, making it easy to accurately measure ad impressions and viewer behavior. You can easily monetize unexpected high-demand viewing events with no up-front costs using AWS Elemental Media Tailor. It also improves ad delivery rates, helping you make more money from every video, and it works with a wider variety of content delivery networks, ad decision servers, and client devices.

Below are the cmdlets which are available with AWS Elemental MediaTailor

Add-EMTResourceTag                                 TagResource                                   
Get-EMTPlaybackConfiguration                       GetPlaybackConfiguration                      
Get-EMTPlaybackConfigurationList                   ListPlaybackConfigurations                    
Get-EMTResourceTag                                 ListTagsForResource                           
Remove-EMTPlaybackConfiguration                    DeletePlaybackConfiguration                   
Remove-EMTResourceTag                              UntagResource                                 
Set-EMTPlaybackConfiguration                       PutPlaybackConfiguration                      

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References are taken from Microsoft and AWS

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