AWS Elemental MediaPackage

AWS Elemental MediaPackage reliably prepares and protects your video for delivery over the Internet. From a single video input, AWS Elemental MediaPackage creates video streams formatted to play on connected TVs, mobile phones, computers, tablets, and game consoles. It makes it easy to implement popular video features for viewers (start-over, pause, rewind, etc.), like those commonly found on DVRs. AWS Elemental MediaPackage can also protect your content using Digital Rights Management (DRM). AWS Elemental MediaPackage scales automatically in response to load, so your viewers will always get a great experience without you having to accurately predict in advance the capacity you’ll need.

Below are the cmdlets which are available with AWS Elemental MediaPackage

Add-EMPResourceTag                                 TagResource                                   AWS Elemental Media Package                           
Get-EMPChannel                                     DescribeChannel                               AWS Elemental Media Package                           
Get-EMPChannelList                                 ListChannels                                  AWS Elemental Media Package                           
Get-EMPHarvestJob                                  DescribeHarvestJob                            AWS Elemental Media Package                           
Get-EMPHarvestJobList                              ListHarvestJobs                               AWS Elemental Media Package                           
Get-EMPOriginEndpoint                              DescribeOriginEndpoint                        AWS Elemental Media Package                           
Get-EMPOriginEndpointList                          ListOriginEndpoints                           AWS Elemental Media Package                           
Get-EMPResourceTag                                 ListTagsForResource                           AWS Elemental Media Package                           
Invoke-EMPChannelCredentialRotation                RotateChannelCredentials                      AWS Elemental Media Package                           
Invoke-EMPIngestEndpointCredentialRotation         RotateIngestEndpointCredentials               AWS Elemental Media Package                           
New-EMPChannel                                     CreateChannel                                 AWS Elemental Media Package                           
New-EMPHarvestJob                                  CreateHarvestJob                              AWS Elemental Media Package                           
New-EMPOriginEndpoint                              CreateOriginEndpoint                          AWS Elemental Media Package                           
Remove-EMPChannel                                  DeleteChannel                                 AWS Elemental Media Package                           
Remove-EMPOriginEndpoint                           DeleteOriginEndpoint                          AWS Elemental Media Package                           
Remove-EMPResourceTag                              UntagResource                                 AWS Elemental Media Package                           
Update-EMPChannel                                  UpdateChannel                                 AWS Elemental Media Package                           
Update-EMPOriginEndpoint                           UpdateOriginEndpoint                          AWS Elemental Media Package                           
Add-EMPVResourceTag                                TagResource                                   AWS Elemental Media Package VOD                       
Get-EMPVAsset                                      DescribeAsset                                 AWS Elemental Media Package VOD                       
Get-EMPVAssetList                                  ListAssets                                    AWS Elemental Media Package VOD                       
Get-EMPVPackagingConfiguration                     DescribePackagingConfiguration                AWS Elemental Media Package VOD                       
Get-EMPVPackagingConfigurationList                 ListPackagingConfigurations                   AWS Elemental Media Package VOD                       
Get-EMPVPackagingGroup                             DescribePackagingGroup                        AWS Elemental Media Package VOD                       
Get-EMPVPackagingGroupList                         ListPackagingGroups                           AWS Elemental Media Package VOD                       
Get-EMPVResourceTag                                ListTagsForResource                           AWS Elemental Media Package VOD                       
New-EMPVAsset                                      CreateAsset                                   AWS Elemental Media Package VOD                       
New-EMPVPackagingConfiguration                     CreatePackagingConfiguration                  AWS Elemental Media Package VOD                       
New-EMPVPackagingGroup                             CreatePackagingGroup                          AWS Elemental MediaPackage VOD                       
Remove-EMPVAsset                                   DeleteAsset                                   AWS Elemental Media Package VOD                       
Remove-EMPVPackagingConfiguration                  DeletePackagingConfiguration                  AWS Elemental Media Package VOD                       
Remove-EMPVPackagingGroup                          DeletePackagingGroup                          AWS Elemental Media Package VOD                       
Remove-EMPVResourceTag                             UntagResource                                 AWS Elemental Media Package VOD                       
Update-EMPVPackagingGroup                          UpdatePackagingGroup                          AWS Elemental Media Package VOD                       

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References are taken from Microsoft and AWS

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