AWS DataSync

AWS DataSync makes it simple and fast to move large amounts of data online between on-premises storage and Amazon S3, Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS), or Amazon FSx for Windows File Server. Manual tasks related to data transfers can slow down migrations and burden IT operations. DataSync eliminates or automatically handles many of these tasks, including scripting copy jobs, scheduling and monitoring transfers, validating data, and optimizing network utilization. The DataSync software agent connects to your Network File System (NFS), Server Message Block (SMB) storage, and your self-managed object storage, so you don’t have to modify your applications. DataSync can transfer hundreds of terabytes and millions of files at speeds up to 10 times faster than open-source tools, over the internet or AWS Direct Connect links. You can use DataSync to migrate active data sets or archives to AWS, transfer data to the cloud for timely analysis and processing, or replicate data to AWS for business continuity. Getting started with DataSync is easy: deploy the DataSync agent, connect it to your file system, select your AWS storage resources, and start moving data between them. You pay only for the data you move.

Below are the cmdlets which are available with AWS DataSync

Add-DSYNResourceTag                                TagResource                                   
Get-DSYNAgent                                      DescribeAgent                                 
Get-DSYNAgentList                                  ListAgents                                    
Get-DSYNLocationEfs                                DescribeLocationEfs                           
Get-DSYNLocationFsxWindow                          DescribeLocationFsxWindows                    
Get-DSYNLocationList                               ListLocations                                 
Get-DSYNLocationNfs                                DescribeLocationNfs                           
Get-DSYNLocationS3                                 DescribeLocationS3                            
Get-DSYNLocationSmb                                DescribeLocationSmb                           
Get-DSYNResourceTagList                            ListTagsForResource                           
Get-DSYNTask                                       DescribeTask                                  
Get-DSYNTaskExecution                              DescribeTaskExecution                         
Get-DSYNTaskExecutionList                          ListTaskExecutions                            
Get-DSYNTaskList                                   ListTasks                                     
New-DSYNAgent                                      CreateAgent                                   
New-DSYNLocationEfs                                CreateLocationEfs                             
New-DSYNLocationFsxWindow                          CreateLocationFsxWindows                      
New-DSYNLocationNfs                                CreateLocationNfs                             
New-DSYNLocationS3                                 CreateLocationS3                              
New-DSYNLocationSmb                                CreateLocationSmb                             
New-DSYNTask                                       CreateTask                                    
Remove-DSYNAgent                                   DeleteAgent                                   
Remove-DSYNLocation                                DeleteLocation                                
Remove-DSYNResourceTag                             UntagResource                                 
Remove-DSYNTask                                    DeleteTask                                    
Start-DSYNTaskExecution                            StartTaskExecution                            
Stop-DSYNTaskExecution                             CancelTaskExecution                           
Update-DSYNAgent                                   UpdateAgent                                   
Update-DSYNTask                                    UpdateTask                                    

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References are taken from Microsoft and AWS

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