AWS CodePipeline

AWS CodePipeline is a fully managed continuous delivery service that helps you automate your release pipelines for fast and reliable application and infrastructure updates. CodePipeline automates the build, test, and deploy phases of your release process every time there is a code change, based on the release model you define. This enables you to rapidly and reliably deliver features and updates. You can easily integrate AWS CodePipeline with third-party services such as GitHub or with your own custom plugin. With AWS CodePipeline, you only pay for what you use. There are no upfront fees or long-term commitments.

Below are the cmdlets which are available with AWS CodePipeline

Add-CPResourceTag                                  TagResource                                   
Confirm-CPJob                                      AcknowledgeJob                                
Confirm-CPThirdPartyJob                            AcknowledgeThirdPartyJob                      
Disable-CPStageTransition                          DisableStageTransition                        
Enable-CPStageTransition                           EnableStageTransition                         
Get-CPActionableJobList                            PollForJobs                                   
Get-CPActionableThirdPartyJobList                  PollForThirdPartyJobs                         
Get-CPActionExecutionList                          ListActionExecutions                          
Get-CPActionType                                   ListActionTypes                               
Get-CPJobDetail                                    GetJobDetails                                 
Get-CPPipeline                                     GetPipeline                                   
Get-CPPipelineExecution                            GetPipelineExecution                          
Get-CPPipelineExecutionSummary                     ListPipelineExecutions                        
Get-CPPipelineList                                 ListPipelines                                 
Get-CPPipelineState                                GetPipelineState                              
Get-CPResourceTag                                  ListTagsForResource                           
Get-CPThirdPartyJobDetail                          GetThirdPartyJobDetails                       
Get-CPWebhookList                                  ListWebhooks                                  
New-CPCustomActionType                             CreateCustomActionType                        
New-CPPipeline                                     CreatePipeline                                
Redo-CPStageExecution                              RetryStageExecution                           
Register-CPWebhookWithThirdParty                   RegisterWebhookWithThirdParty                 
Remove-CPCustomActionType                          DeleteCustomActionType                        
Remove-CPPipeline                                  DeletePipeline                                
Remove-CPResourceTag                               UntagResource                                 
Remove-CPWebhook                                   DeleteWebhook                                 
Start-CPPipelineExecution                          StartPipelineExecution                        
Stop-CPPipelineExecution                           StopPipelineExecution                         
Unregister-CPWebhookWithThirdParty                 DeregisterWebhookWithThirdParty               
Update-CPPipeline                                  UpdatePipeline                                
Write-CPActionRevision                             PutActionRevision                             
Write-CPApprovalResult                             PutApprovalResult                             
Write-CPJobFailureResult                           PutJobFailureResult                           
Write-CPJobSuccessResult                           PutJobSuccessResult                           
Write-CPThirdPartyJobFailureResult                 PutThirdPartyJobFailureResult                 
Write-CPThirdPartyJobSuccessResult                 PutThirdPartyJobSuccessResult                 
Write-CPWebhook                                    PutWebhook                                    

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References are taken from Microsoft and AWS

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