AWS Certificate Manager Private Certificate Authority

AWS Certificate Manager Private Certificate Authority provides you a highly-available private CA service without the upfront investment and ongoing maintenance costs of operating your own private CA. AWS Certificate Manager (ACM) Private Certificate Authority (CA) is a private CA service that extends ACM’s certificate management capabilities to both public and private certificates.  ACM Private CA allows developers to be more agile by providing them APIs to create and deploy private certificates programmatically. You also have the flexibility to create private certificates for applications that require custom certificate lifetimes or resource names. With ACM Private CA, you can create and manage private certificates for your connected resources in one place with a secure, pay as you go, managed private CA service.

CA administrators can use ACM Private CA to create a complete CA hierarchy, including online root and subordinate CAs, with no need for external CAs. ACM Private CA also allows a hybrid hierarchy with offline and online CAs. A CA hierarchy provides strong security and restrictive access controls for the most-trusted root CA at the top of the trust chain, while allowing more permissive access and bulk certificate issuance for subordinate CAs lower in the chain. You can create secure and highly available CAs without building and maintaining your own on-premises CA infrastructure. You can share a CA across AWS accounts, or across your organization, to enable central management of your CAs with certificate issuance via ACM or directly from the CA. This reduces the number of CAs you need to manage and pay for, and it allows you to separate CA administration duties from certificate issuance.

Below are the cmdlets which are available with AWS Certificate Manager Private Certificate Authority

Add-PCACertificateAuthorityTag                     TagCertificateAuthority                       
Get-PCACertificate                                 GetCertificate                                
Get-PCACertificateAuthority                        DescribeCertificateAuthority                  
Get-PCACertificateAuthorityAuditReport             DescribeCertificateAuthorityAuditReport       
Get-PCACertificateAuthorityCertificate             GetCertificateAuthorityCertificate            
Get-PCACertificateAuthorityCsr                     GetCertificateAuthorityCsr                    
Get-PCACertificateAuthorityList                    ListCertificateAuthorities                    
Get-PCACertificateAuthorityTagList                 ListTags                                      
Get-PCAPermissionList                              ListPermissions                               
Import-PCACertificateAuthorityCertificate          ImportCertificateAuthorityCertificate         
New-PCACertificate                                 IssueCertificate                              
New-PCACertificateAuthority                        CreateCertificateAuthority                    
New-PCACertificateAuthorityAuditReport             CreateCertificateAuthorityAuditReport         
New-PCAPermission                                  CreatePermission                              
Remove-PCACertificateAuthority                     DeleteCertificateAuthority                    
Remove-PCACertificateAuthorityTag                  UntagCertificateAuthority                     
Remove-PCAPermission                               DeletePermission                              
Restore-PCACertificateAuthority                    RestoreCertificateAuthority                   
Revoke-PCACertificate                              RevokeCertificate                             
Update-PCACertificateAuthority                     UpdateCertificateAuthority                    

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References are taken from Microsoft and AWS

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