AWS AppConfig

AWS AppConfig, a capability of AWS Systems Manager, to create, manage, and quickly deploy application configurations. AppConfig supports controlled deployments to applications of any size and includes built-in validation checks and monitoring. You can use AppConfig with applications hosted on EC2 instances, AWS Lambda, containers, mobile applications, or IoT devices.

To prevent errors when deploying application configurations, especially for production systems where a simple typo could cause an unexpected outage, AppConfig includes validators. A validator provides a syntactic or semantic check to ensure that the configuration you want to deploy works as intended. To validate your application configuration data, you provide a schema or Lambda function that runs against the configuration. The configuration deployment or update can only proceed when the configuration data is valid.

During a configuration deployment, AppConfig monitors the application to ensure that the deployment is successful. If the system encounters an error, AppConfig rolls back the change to minimize impact for your application users. You can configure a deployment strategy for each application or environment that includes deployment criteria, including velocity, bake time, and alarms to monitor. Similar to error monitoring, if a deployment triggers an alarm, AppConfig automatically rolls back to the previous version.

Below are the cmdlets which are available with AWS AppConfig

Add-APPCResourceTag                                TagResource                                   
Get-APPCApplication                                GetApplication                                
Get-APPCApplicationList                            ListApplications                              
Get-APPCConfiguration                              GetConfiguration                              
Get-APPCConfigurationProfile                       GetConfigurationProfile                       
Get-APPCConfigurationProfileList                   ListConfigurationProfiles                     
Get-APPCDeployment                                 GetDeployment                                 
Get-APPCDeploymentList                             ListDeployments                               
Get-APPCDeploymentStrategy                         GetDeploymentStrategy                         
Get-APPCDeploymentStrategyList                     ListDeploymentStrategies                      
Get-APPCEnvironment                                GetEnvironment                                
Get-APPCEnvironmentList                            ListEnvironments                              
Get-APPCResourceTag                                ListTagsForResource                           
New-APPCApplication                                CreateApplication                             
New-APPCConfigurationProfile                       CreateConfigurationProfile                    
New-APPCDeploymentStrategy                         CreateDeploymentStrategy                      
New-APPCEnvironment                                CreateEnvironment                             
Remove-APPCApplication                             DeleteApplication                             
Remove-APPCConfigurationProfile                    DeleteConfigurationProfile                    
Remove-APPCDeploymentStrategy                      DeleteDeploymentStrategy                      
Remove-APPCEnvironment                             DeleteEnvironment                             
Remove-APPCResourceTag                             UntagResource                                 
Start-APPCDeployment                               StartDeployment                               
Stop-APPCDeployment                                StopDeployment                                
Test-APPCConfigurationValidity                     ValidateConfiguration                         
Update-APPCApplication                             UpdateApplication                             
Update-APPCConfigurationProfile                    UpdateConfigurationProfile                    
Update-APPCDeploymentStrategy                      UpdateDeploymentStrategy                      
Update-APPCEnvironment                             UpdateEnvironment                             

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References are taken from Microsoft and AWS

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