Amazon WorkLink

Amazon WorkLink is a fully managed service that lets you provide your employees with secure, easy access to your internal corporate websites and web apps using their mobile phones. Traditional solutions such as Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and device management software are inconvenient to use on the go, and often require the use of custom browsers that have a poor user experience. As a result, employees often forgo using them altogether.

With Amazon WorkLink, employees can access internal web content as easily as they access any public website, without the hassle of connecting to their corporate network. When a user accesses an internal website, the page is first rendered in a browser running in a secure container in AWS. Amazon WorkLink then sends the contents of that page to employee phones as vector graphics while preserving the functionality and interactivity of the page. This approach is more secure than traditional solutions because internal content is never stored or cached by the browser on employee phones, and employee devices never connect directly to your corporate network.

With Amazon WorkLink, there are no minimum fees or long-term commitments. You pay only for users that connect to the service each month, and there is no additional charge for bandwidth consumption.

Below are the cmdlets which are available with Amazon WorkLink

Add-WLResourceTag                                  TagResource                                   
Add-WLWebsiteAuthorizationProviderToFleet          AssociateWebsiteAuthorizationProvider         
Disconnect-WLUser                                  SignOutUser                                   
Get-WLAuditStreamConfiguration                     DescribeAuditStreamConfiguration              
Get-WLCompanyNetworkConfiguration                  DescribeCompanyNetworkConfiguration           
Get-WLDevice                                       DescribeDevice                                
Get-WLDeviceList                                   ListDevices                                   
Get-WLDevicePolicyConfiguration                    DescribeDevicePolicyConfiguration             
Get-WLDomain                                       DescribeDomain                                
Get-WLDomainList                                   ListDomains                                   
Get-WLFleetList                                    ListFleets                                    
Get-WLFleetMetadata                                DescribeFleetMetadata                         
Get-WLIdentityProviderConfiguration                DescribeIdentityProviderConfiguration         
Get-WLResourceTag                                  ListTagsForResource                           
Get-WLWebsiteAuthorizationProviderList             ListWebsiteAuthorizationProviders             
Get-WLWebsiteCertificateAuthority                  DescribeWebsiteCertificateAuthority           
Get-WLWebsiteCertificateAuthorityList              ListWebsiteCertificateAuthorities             
New-WLFleet                                        CreateFleet                                   
Register-WLDomain                                  AssociateDomain                               
Register-WLWebsiteCertificateAuthority             AssociateWebsiteCertificateAuthority          
Remove-WLFleet                                     DeleteFleet                                   
Remove-WLResourceTag                               UntagResource                                 
Remove-WLWebsiteAuthorizationProviderFromFleet     DisassociateWebsiteAuthorizationProvider      
Restore-WLDomainAccess                             RestoreDomainAccess                           
Revoke-WLDomainAccess                              RevokeDomainAccess                            
Unregister-WLDomain                                DisassociateDomain                            
Unregister-WLWebsiteCertificateAuthority           DisassociateWebsiteCertificateAuthority       
Update-WLAuditStreamConfiguration                  UpdateAuditStreamConfiguration                
Update-WLCompanyNetworkConfiguration               UpdateCompanyNetworkConfiguration             
Update-WLDevicePolicyConfiguration                 UpdateDevicePolicyConfiguration               
Update-WLDomainMetadata                            UpdateDomainMetadata                          
Update-WLFleetMetadata                             UpdateFleetMetadata                           
Update-WLIdentityProviderConfiguration             UpdateIdentityProviderConfiguration           

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References are taken from Microsoft and AWS

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