Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)

Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) is a cost-effective, flexible, and scalable email service that enables developers to send mail from within any application. You can configure Amazon SES quickly to support several email use cases, including transactional, marketing, or mass email communications. Amazon SES’s flexible IP deployment and email authentication options help drive higher deliverability and protect sender reputation, while sending analytics measure the impact of each email. With Amazon SES, you can send email securely, globally, and at scale. Amazon Simple Email Service AWS

Below are the cmdlets which are available with Amazon Simple Email Service

Confirm-SESDomainDkim                              VerifyDomainDkim                              Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Confirm-SESDomainIdentity                          VerifyDomainIdentity                          Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Confirm-SESEmailAddress                            VerifyEmailAddress                            Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Confirm-SESEmailIdentity                           VerifyEmailIdentity                           Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Copy-SESReceiptRuleSet                             CloneReceiptRuleSet                           Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Get-SESAccountSendingEnabled                       GetAccountSendingEnabled                      Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Get-SESActiveReceiptRuleSet                        DescribeActiveReceiptRuleSet                  Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Get-SESConfigurationSet                            DescribeConfigurationSet                      Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Get-SESConfigurationSetList                        ListConfigurationSets                         Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Get-SESCustomVerificationEmailTemplate             GetCustomVerificationEmailTemplate            Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Get-SESCustomVerificationEmailTemplateList         ListCustomVerificationEmailTemplates          Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Get-SESIdentity                                    ListIdentities                                Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Get-SESIdentityDkimAttribute                       GetIdentityDkimAttributes                     Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Get-SESIdentityMailFromDomainAttribute             GetIdentityMailFromDomainAttributes           Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Get-SESIdentityNotificationAttribute               GetIdentityNotificationAttributes             Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Get-SESIdentityPolicy                              GetIdentityPolicies                           Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Get-SESIdentityPolicyList                          ListIdentityPolicies                          Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Get-SESIdentityVerificationAttribute               GetIdentityVerificationAttributes             Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Get-SESReceiptFilterList                           ListReceiptFilters                            Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Get-SESReceiptRule                                 DescribeReceiptRule                           Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Get-SESReceiptRuleSet                              DescribeReceiptRuleSet                        Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Get-SESReceiptRuleSetList                          ListReceiptRuleSets                           Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Get-SESSendQuota                                   GetSendQuota                                  Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Get-SESSendStatistic                               GetSendStatistics                             Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Get-SESTemplate                                    GetTemplate                                   Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Get-SESTemplateList                                ListTemplates                                 Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Get-SESVerifiedEmailAddress                        ListVerifiedEmailAddresses                    Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
New-SESConfigurationSet                            CreateConfigurationSet                        Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
New-SESConfigurationSetEventDestination            CreateConfigurationSetEventDestination        Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
New-SESConfigurationSetTrackingOption              CreateConfigurationSetTrackingOptions         Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
New-SESCustomVerificationEmailTemplate             CreateCustomVerificationEmailTemplate         Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
New-SESReceiptFilter                               CreateReceiptFilter                           Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
New-SESReceiptRule                                 CreateReceiptRule                             Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
New-SESReceiptRuleSet                              CreateReceiptRuleSet                          Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
New-SESTemplate                                    CreateTemplate                                Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Remove-SESConfigurationSet                         DeleteConfigurationSet                        Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Remove-SESConfigurationSetEventDestination         DeleteConfigurationSetEventDestination        Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Remove-SESConfigurationSetTrackingOption           DeleteConfigurationSetTrackingOptions         Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Remove-SESCustomVerificationEmailTemplate          DeleteCustomVerificationEmailTemplate         Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Remove-SESIdentity                                 DeleteIdentity                                Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Remove-SESIdentityPolicy                           DeleteIdentityPolicy                          Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Remove-SESReceiptFilter                            DeleteReceiptFilter                           Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Remove-SESReceiptRule                              DeleteReceiptRule                             Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Remove-SESReceiptRuleSet                           DeleteReceiptRuleSet                          Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Remove-SESTemplate                                 DeleteTemplate                                Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Remove-SESVerifiedEmailAddress                     DeleteVerifiedEmailAddress                    Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Send-SESBounce                                     SendBounce                                    Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Send-SESBulkTemplatedEmail                         SendBulkTemplatedEmail                        Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Send-SESCustomVerificationEmail                    SendCustomVerificationEmail                   Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Send-SESEmail                                      SendEmail                                     Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Send-SESRawEmail                                   SendRawEmail                                  Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Send-SESTemplatedEmail                             SendTemplatedEmail                            Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Set-SESActiveReceiptRuleSet                        SetActiveReceiptRuleSet                       Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Set-SESIdentityDkimEnabled                         SetIdentityDkimEnabled                        Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Set-SESIdentityFeedbackForwardingEnabled           SetIdentityFeedbackForwardingEnabled          Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Set-SESIdentityHeadersInNotificationsEnabled       SetIdentityHeadersInNotificationsEnabled      Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Set-SESIdentityMailFromDomain                      SetIdentityMailFromDomain                     Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Set-SESIdentityNotificationTopic                   SetIdentityNotificationTopic                  Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Set-SESReceiptRulePosition                         SetReceiptRulePosition                        Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Set-SESReceiptRuleSetOrder                         ReorderReceiptRuleSet                         Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Test-SESRenderTemplate                             TestRenderTemplate                            Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Update-SESAccountSendingEnabled                    UpdateAccountSendingEnabled                   Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Update-SESConfigurationSetEventDestination         UpdateConfigurationSetEventDestination        Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Update-SESConfigurationSetReputationMetricsEnabled UpdateConfigurationSetReputationMetricsEna… Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Update-SESConfigurationSetSendingEnabled           UpdateConfigurationSetSendingEnabled          Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Update-SESConfigurationSetTrackingOption           UpdateConfigurationSetTrackingOptions         Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Update-SESCustomVerificationEmailTemplate          UpdateCustomVerificationEmailTemplate         Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Update-SESReceiptRule                              UpdateReceiptRule                             Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Update-SESTemplate                                 UpdateTemplate                                Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Write-SESConfigurationSetDeliveryOption            PutConfigurationSetDeliveryOptions            Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Write-SESIdentityPolicy                            PutIdentityPolicy                             Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)                    
Add-SES2ResourceTag                                TagResource                                   Amazon Simple Email Service V2 (SES V2)              
Get-SES2Account                                    GetAccount                                    Amazon Simple Email Service V2 (SES V2)              
Get-SES2BlacklistReport                            GetBlacklistReports                           Amazon Simple Email Service V2 (SES V2)              
Get-SES2ConfigurationSet                           GetConfigurationSet                           Amazon Simple Email Service V2 (SES V2)              
Get-SES2ConfigurationSetEventDestination           GetConfigurationSetEventDestinations          Amazon Simple Email Service V2 (SES V2)              
Get-SES2ConfigurationSetList                       ListConfigurationSets                         Amazon Simple Email Service V2 (SES V2)              
Get-SES2DedicatedIp                                GetDedicatedIp                                Amazon Simple Email Service V2 (SES V2)              
Get-SES2DedicatedIpList                            GetDedicatedIps                               Amazon Simple Email Service V2 (SES V2)              
Get-SES2DedicatedIpPoolList                        ListDedicatedIpPools                          Amazon Simple Email Service V2 (SES V2)              
Get-SES2DeliverabilityDashboardOption              GetDeliverabilityDashboardOptions             Amazon Simple Email Service V2 (SES V2)              
Get-SES2DeliverabilityTestReport                   GetDeliverabilityTestReport                   Amazon Simple Email Service V2 (SES V2)              
Get-SES2DeliverabilityTestReportList               ListDeliverabilityTestReports                 Amazon Simple Email Service V2 (SES V2)              
Get-SES2DomainDeliverabilityCampaign               GetDomainDeliverabilityCampaign               Amazon Simple Email Service V2 (SES V2)              
Get-SES2DomainDeliverabilityCampaignList           ListDomainDeliverabilityCampaigns             Amazon Simple Email Service V2 (SES V2)              
Get-SES2DomainStatisticsReport                     GetDomainStatisticsReport                     Amazon Simple Email Service V2 (SES V2)              
Get-SES2EmailIdentity                              GetEmailIdentity                              Amazon Simple Email Service V2 (SES V2)              
Get-SES2EmailIdentityList                          ListEmailIdentities                           Amazon Simple Email Service V2 (SES V2)              
Get-SES2ResourceTag                                ListTagsForResource                           Amazon Simple Email Service V2 (SES V2)              
Get-SES2SuppressedDestination                      GetSuppressedDestination                      Amazon Simple Email Service V2 (SES V2)              
Get-SES2SuppressedDestinationList                  ListSuppressedDestinations                    Amazon Simple Email Service V2 (SES V2)              
New-SES2ConfigurationSet                           CreateConfigurationSet                        Amazon Simple Email Service V2 (SES V2)              
New-SES2ConfigurationSetEventDestination           CreateConfigurationSetEventDestination        Amazon Simple Email Service V2 (SES V2)              
New-SES2DedicatedIpPool                            CreateDedicatedIpPool                         Amazon Simple Email Service V2 (SES V2)              
New-SES2DeliverabilityTestReport                   CreateDeliverabilityTestReport                Amazon Simple Email Service V2 (SES V2)              
New-SES2EmailIdentity                              CreateEmailIdentity                           Amazon Simple Email Service V2 (SES V2)              
Remove-SES2ConfigurationSet                        DeleteConfigurationSet                        Amazon Simple Email Service V2 (SES V2)              
Remove-SES2ConfigurationSetEventDestination        DeleteConfigurationSetEventDestination        Amazon Simple Email Service V2 (SES V2)              
Remove-SES2DedicatedIpPool                         DeleteDedicatedIpPool                         Amazon Simple Email Service V2 (SES V2)              
Remove-SES2EmailIdentity                           DeleteEmailIdentity                           Amazon Simple Email Service V2 (SES V2)              
Remove-SES2ResourceTag                             UntagResource                                 Amazon Simple Email Service V2 (SES V2)              
Remove-SES2SuppressedDestination                   DeleteSuppressedDestination                   Amazon Simple Email Service V2 (SES V2)              
Send-SES2Email                                     SendEmail                                     Amazon Simple Email Service V2 (SES V2)              
Update-SES2ConfigurationSetEventDestination        UpdateConfigurationSetEventDestination        Amazon Simple Email Service V2 (SES V2)              
Write-SES2AccountDedicatedIpWarmupAttribute        PutAccountDedicatedIpWarmupAttributes         Amazon Simple Email Service V2 (SES V2)              
Write-SES2AccountSendingAttribute                  PutAccountSendingAttributes                   Amazon Simple Email Service V2 (SES V2)              
Write-SES2AccountSuppressionAttribute              PutAccountSuppressionAttributes               Amazon Simple Email Service V2 (SES V2)              
Write-SES2ConfigurationSetDeliveryOption           PutConfigurationSetDeliveryOptions            Amazon Simple Email Service V2 (SES V2)              
Write-SES2ConfigurationSetReputationOption         PutConfigurationSetReputationOptions          Amazon Simple Email Service V2 (SES V2)              
Write-SES2ConfigurationSetSendingOption            PutConfigurationSetSendingOptions             Amazon Simple Email Service V2 (SES V2)              
Write-SES2ConfigurationSetSuppressionOption        PutConfigurationSetSuppressionOptions         Amazon Simple Email Service V2 (SES V2)              
Write-SES2ConfigurationSetTrackingOption           PutConfigurationSetTrackingOptions            Amazon Simple Email Service V2 (SES V2)              
Write-SES2DedicatedIpInPool                        PutDedicatedIpInPool                          Amazon Simple Email Service V2 (SES V2)              
Write-SES2DedicatedIpWarmupAttribute               PutDedicatedIpWarmupAttributes                Amazon Simple Email Service V2 (SES V2)              
Write-SES2DeliverabilityDashboardOption            PutDeliverabilityDashboardOption              Amazon Simple Email Service V2 (SES V2)              
Write-SES2EmailIdentityDkimAttribute               PutEmailIdentityDkimAttributes                Amazon Simple Email Service V2 (SES V2)              
Write-SES2EmailIdentityDkimSigningAttribute        PutEmailIdentityDkimSigningAttributes         Amazon Simple Email Service V2 (SES V2)              
Write-SES2EmailIdentityFeedbackAttribute           PutEmailIdentityFeedbackAttributes            Amazon Simple Email Service V2 (SES V2)              
Write-SES2EmailIdentityMailFromAttribute           PutEmailIdentityMailFromAttributes            Amazon Simple Email Service V2 (SES V2)              
Write-SES2SuppressedDestination                    PutSuppressedDestination                      Amazon Simple Email Service V2 (SES V2)              

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References are taken from Microsoft and AWS

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