Amazon Route 53

Amazon Route 53 AWS is a highly available and scalable cloud Domain Name System (DNS) web service. It is designed to give developers and businesses an extremely reliable and cost effective way to route end users to Internet applications by translating names like into the numeric IP addresses like that computers use to connect to each other. Amazon Route 53 is fully compliant with IPv6 as well.

Amazon Route 53 effectively connects user requests to infrastructure running in AWS – such as Amazon EC2 instances, Elastic Load Balancing load balancers, or Amazon S3 buckets – and can also be used to route users to infrastructure outside of AWS. You can use Amazon Route 53 to configure DNS health checks to route traffic to healthy endpoints or to independently monitor the health of your application and its endpoints. AmazonRoute 53 Traffic Flow makes it easy for you to manage traffic globally through a variety of routing types, including Latency Based Routing, Geo DNS, Geoproximity, and Weighted Round Robin—all of which can be combined with DNS Failover in order to enable a variety of low-latency, fault-tolerant architectures. Using Amazon Route 53 Traffic Flow’s simple visual editor, you can easily manage how your end-users are routed to your application’s endpoints—whether in a single AWS region or distributed around the globe. Amazon Route 53 also offers Domain Name Registration – you can purchase and manage domain names such as and Amazon Route 53 will automatically configure DNS settings for your domains.

Below are the cmdlets which are available with Amazon Route 53, Amazon Route 53 Domains,  Amazon Route 53 Resolver

Edit-R53ResourceRecordSet                          ChangeResourceRecordSets                      Amazon Route 53                                      
Edit-R53TagsForResource                            ChangeTagsForResource                         Amazon Route 53                                      
Get-R53AccountLimit                                GetAccountLimit                               Amazon Route 53                                      
Get-R53Change                                      GetChange                                     Amazon Route 53                                      
Get-R53CheckerIpRange                              GetCheckerIpRanges                            Amazon Route 53                                      
Get-R53GeoLocation                                 GetGeoLocation                                Amazon Route 53                                      
Get-R53GeoLocationList                             ListGeoLocations                              Amazon Route 53                                      
Get-R53HealthCheck                                 GetHealthCheck                                Amazon Route 53                                      
Get-R53HealthCheckCount                            GetHealthCheckCount                           Amazon Route 53                                      
Get-R53HealthCheckLastFailureReason                GetHealthCheckLastFailureReason               Amazon Route 53                                      
Get-R53HealthCheckList                             ListHealthChecks                              Amazon Route 53                                      
Get-R53HealthCheckStatus                           GetHealthCheckStatus                          Amazon Route 53                                      
Get-R53HostedZone                                  GetHostedZone                                 Amazon Route 53                                      
Get-R53HostedZoneCount                             GetHostedZoneCount                            Amazon Route 53                                      
Get-R53HostedZoneLimit                             GetHostedZoneLimit                            Amazon Route 53                                      
Get-R53HostedZoneList                              ListHostedZones                               Amazon Route 53                                      
Get-R53HostedZonesByName                           ListHostedZonesByName                         Amazon Route 53                                      
Get-R53QueryLoggingConfig                          GetQueryLoggingConfig                         Amazon Route 53                                      
Get-R53QueryLoggingConfigList                      ListQueryLoggingConfigs                       Amazon Route 53                                      
Get-R53ResourceRecordSet                           ListResourceRecordSets                        Amazon Route 53                                      
Get-R53ReusableDelegationSet                       GetReusableDelegationSet                      Amazon Route 53                                      
Get-R53ReusableDelegationSetLimit                  GetReusableDelegationSetLimit                 Amazon Route 53                                      
Get-R53ReusableDelegationSetList                   ListReusableDelegationSets                    Amazon Route 53                                      
Get-R53TagsForResource                             ListTagsForResource                           Amazon Route 53                                      
Get-R53TagsForResourceList                         ListTagsForResources                          Amazon Route 53                                      
Get-R53TrafficPolicy                               GetTrafficPolicy                              Amazon Route 53                                      
Get-R53TrafficPolicyInstance                       GetTrafficPolicyInstance                      Amazon Route 53                                      
Get-R53TrafficPolicyInstanceCount                  GetTrafficPolicyInstanceCount                 Amazon Route 53                                      
Get-R53TrafficPolicyInstanceList                   ListTrafficPolicyInstances                    Amazon Route 53                                      
Get-R53TrafficPolicyInstancesByHostedZone          ListTrafficPolicyInstancesByHostedZone        Amazon Route 53                                      
Get-R53TrafficPolicyInstancesByPolicy              ListTrafficPolicyInstancesByPolicy            Amazon Route 53                                      
Get-R53TrafficPolicyList                           ListTrafficPolicies                           Amazon Route 53                                      
Get-R53TrafficPolicyVersionList                    ListTrafficPolicyVersions                     Amazon Route 53                                      
Get-R53VPCAssociationAuthorizationList             ListVPCAssociationAuthorizations              Amazon Route 53                                      
New-R53HealthCheck                                 CreateHealthCheck                             Amazon Route 53                                      
New-R53HostedZone                                  CreateHostedZone                              Amazon Route 53                                      
New-R53QueryLoggingConfig                          CreateQueryLoggingConfig                      Amazon Route 53                                      
New-R53ReusableDelegationSet                       CreateReusableDelegationSet                   Amazon Route 53                                      
New-R53TrafficPolicy                               CreateTrafficPolicy                           Amazon Route 53                                      
New-R53TrafficPolicyInstance                       CreateTrafficPolicyInstance                   Amazon Route 53                                      
New-R53TrafficPolicyVersion                        CreateTrafficPolicyVersion                    Amazon Route 53                                      
New-R53VPCAssociationAuthorization                 CreateVPCAssociationAuthorization             Amazon Route 53                                      
Register-R53VPCWithHostedZone                      AssociateVPCWithHostedZone                    Amazon Route 53                                      
Remove-R53HealthCheck                              DeleteHealthCheck                             Amazon Route 53                                      
Remove-R53HostedZone                               DeleteHostedZone                              Amazon Route 53                                      
Remove-R53QueryLoggingConfig                       DeleteQueryLoggingConfig                      Amazon Route 53                                      
Remove-R53ReusableDelegationSet                    DeleteReusableDelegationSet                   Amazon Route 53                                      
Remove-R53TrafficPolicy                            DeleteTrafficPolicy                           Amazon Route 53                                      
Remove-R53TrafficPolicyInstance                    DeleteTrafficPolicyInstance                   Amazon Route 53                                      
Remove-R53VPCAssociationAuthorization              DeleteVPCAssociationAuthorization             Amazon Route 53                                      
Test-R53DNSAnswer                                  TestDNSAnswer                                 Amazon Route 53                                      
Unregister-R53VPCFromHostedZone                    DisassociateVPCFromHostedZone                 Amazon Route 53                                      
Update-R53HealthCheck                              UpdateHealthCheck                             Amazon Route 53                                      
Update-R53HostedZoneComment                        UpdateHostedZoneComment                       Amazon Route 53                                      
Update-R53TrafficPolicyComment                     UpdateTrafficPolicyComment                    Amazon Route 53                                      
Update-R53TrafficPolicyInstance                    UpdateTrafficPolicyInstance                   Amazon Route 53                                      
Approve-R53DDomainTransferFromAnotherAwsAccount    AcceptDomainTransferFromAnotherAwsAccount     Amazon Route 53 Domains                              
Deny-R53DDomainTransferFromAnotherAwsAccount       RejectDomainTransferFromAnotherAwsAccount     Amazon Route 53 Domains                              
Disable-R53DDomainAutoRenew                        DisableDomainAutoRenew                        Amazon Route 53 Domains                              
Disable-R53DDomainTransferLock                     DisableDomainTransferLock                     Amazon Route 53 Domains                              
Enable-R53DDomainAutoRenew                         EnableDomainAutoRenew                         Amazon Route 53 Domains                              
Enable-R53DDomainTransferLock                      EnableDomainTransferLock                      Amazon Route 53 Domains                              
Get-R53DBillingRecord                              ViewBilling                                   Amazon Route 53 Domains                              
Get-R53DContactReachabilityStatus                  GetContactReachabilityStatus                  Amazon Route 53 Domains                              
Get-R53DDomainAuthCode                             RetrieveDomainAuthCode                        Amazon Route 53 Domains                              
Get-R53DDomainDetail                               GetDomainDetail                               Amazon Route 53 Domains                              
Get-R53DDomainList                                 ListDomains                                   Amazon Route 53 Domains                              
Get-R53DDomainSuggestion                           GetDomainSuggestions                          Amazon Route 53 Domains                              
Get-R53DOperationDetail                            GetOperationDetail                            Amazon Route 53 Domains                              
Get-R53DOperationList                              ListOperations                                Amazon Route 53 Domains                              
Get-R53DTagsForDomain                              ListTagsForDomain                             Amazon Route 53 Domains                              
Invoke-R53DDomainTransfer                          TransferDomain                                Amazon Route 53 Domains                              
Move-R53DDomainToAnotherAwsAccount                 TransferDomainToAnotherAwsAccount             Amazon Route 53 Domains                              
Register-R53DDomain                                RegisterDomain                                Amazon Route 53 Domains                              
Remove-R53DTagsForDomain                           DeleteTagsForDomain                           Amazon Route 53 Domains                              
Send-R53DContactReachabilityEmail                  ResendContactReachabilityEmail                Amazon Route 53 Domains                              
Stop-R53DDomainTransferToAnotherAwsAccount         CancelDomainTransferToAnotherAwsAccount       Amazon Route 53 Domains                              
Test-R53DDomainAvailability                        CheckDomainAvailability                       Amazon Route 53 Domains                              
Test-R53DDomainTransferability                     CheckDomainTransferability                    Amazon Route 53 Domains                              
Update-R53DDomainContact                           UpdateDomainContact                           Amazon Route 53 Domains                              
Update-R53DDomainContactPrivacy                    UpdateDomainContactPrivacy                    Amazon Route 53 Domains                              
Update-R53DDomainNameserver                        UpdateDomainNameservers                       Amazon Route 53 Domains                              
Update-R53DDomainRenewal                           RenewDomain                                   Amazon Route 53 Domains                              
Update-R53DTagsForDomain                           UpdateTagsForDomain                           Amazon Route 53 Domains                              
Add-R53RResolverEndpointIpAddressAssociation       AssociateResolverEndpointIpAddress            Amazon Route 53 Resolver                             
Add-R53RResolverRuleAssociation                    AssociateResolverRule                         Amazon Route 53 Resolver                             
Add-R53RResourceTag                                TagResource                                   Amazon Route 53 Resolver                             
Get-R53RResolverEndpoint                           GetResolverEndpoint                           Amazon Route 53 Resolver                             
Get-R53RResolverEndpointIpAddressList              ListResolverEndpointIpAddresses               Amazon Route 53 Resolver                             
Get-R53RResolverEndpointList                       ListResolverEndpoints                         Amazon Route 53 Resolver                             
Get-R53RResolverRule                               GetResolverRule                               Amazon Route 53 Resolver                             
Get-R53RResolverRuleAssociation                    GetResolverRuleAssociation                    Amazon Route 53 Resolver                             
Get-R53RResolverRuleAssociationList                ListResolverRuleAssociations                  Amazon Route 53 Resolver                             
Get-R53RResolverRuleList                           ListResolverRules                             Amazon Route 53 Resolver                             
Get-R53RResolverRulePolicy                         GetResolverRulePolicy                         Amazon Route 53 Resolver                             
Get-R53RResourceTagList                            ListTagsForResource                           Amazon Route 53 Resolver                             
New-R53RResolverEndpoint                           CreateResolverEndpoint                        Amazon Route 53 Resolver                             
New-R53RResolverRule                               CreateResolverRule                            Amazon Route 53 Resolver                             
Remove-R53RResolverEndpoint                        DeleteResolverEndpoint                        Amazon Route 53 Resolver                             
Remove-R53RResolverEndpointIpAddressAssociation    DisassociateResolverEndpointIpAddress         Amazon Route 53 Resolver                             
Remove-R53RResolverRule                            DeleteResolverRule                            Amazon Route 53 Resolver                             
Remove-R53RResolverRuleAssociation                 DisassociateResolverRule                      Amazon Route 53 Resolver                             
Remove-R53RResourceTag                             UntagResource                                 Amazon Route 53 Resolver                             
Set-R53RResolverRulePolicy                         PutResolverRulePolicy                         Amazon Route 53 Resolver                             
Update-R53RResolverEndpoint                        UpdateResolverEndpoint                        Amazon Route 53 Resolver                             
Update-R53RResolverRule                            UpdateResolverRule                            Amazon Route 53 Resolver                             

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References are taken from Microsoft and AWS

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