Amazon QLDB

Amazon QLDB is a fully managed ledger database that provides a transparent, immutable, and cryptographically verifiable transaction log ‎owned by a central trusted authority. Amazon QLDB can be used to track each and every application data change and maintains a complete and verifiable history of changes over time.

Ledgers are typically used to record a history of economic and financial activity in an organization. Many organizations build applications with ledger-like functionality because they want to maintain an accurate history of their applications’ data, for example, tracking the history of credits and debits in banking transactions, verifying the data lineage of an insurance claim, or tracing movement of an item in a supply chain network. Ledger applications are often implemented using custom audit tables or audit trails created in relational databases. However, building audit functionality with relational databases is time-consuming and prone to human error. It requires custom development, and since relational databases are not inherently immutable, any unintended changes to the data are hard to track and verify. Alternatively, blockchain frameworks, such as Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum, can also be used as a ledger. However, this adds complexity as you need to set-up an entire blockchain network with multiple nodes, manage its infrastructure, and require the nodes to validate each transaction before it can be added to the ledger.

Amazon QLDB is a new class of database that eliminates the need to engage in the complex development effort of building your own ledger-like applications. With QLDB, your data’s change history is immutable – it cannot be altered or deleted – and using cryptography, you can easily verify that there have been no unintended modifications to your application’s data. QLDB uses an immutable transactional log, known as a journal, that tracks each application data change and maintains a complete and verifiable history of changes over time. QLDB is easy to use because it provides developers with a familiar SQL-like API, a flexible document data model, and full support for transactions. QLDB’s streaming capability provides a near real-time flow of your data stored within QLDB, allowing you to develop event-driven workflows, real-time analytics, and to replicate data to other AWS services to support advanced analytical processing. QLDB is also serverless, so it automatically scales to support the demands of your application. There are no servers to manage and no read or write limits to configure. With QLDB, you only pay for what you use.

Below are the cmdlets which are available with Amazon QLDB

Add-QLDBResourceTag                                TagResource                                   
Export-QLDBJournalToS3                             ExportJournalToS3                             
Get-QLDBBlock                                      GetBlock                                      
Get-QLDBDigest                                     GetDigest                                     
Get-QLDBJournalKinesisStream                       DescribeJournalKinesisStream                  
Get-QLDBJournalKinesisStreamsForLedgerList         ListJournalKinesisStreamsForLedger            
Get-QLDBJournalS3Export                            DescribeJournalS3Export                       
Get-QLDBJournalS3ExportList                        ListJournalS3Exports                          
Get-QLDBJournalS3ExportsForLedgerList              ListJournalS3ExportsForLedger                 
Get-QLDBLedger                                     DescribeLedger                                
Get-QLDBLedgerList                                 ListLedgers                                   
Get-QLDBResourceTag                                ListTagsForResource                           
Get-QLDBRevision                                   GetRevision                                   
New-QLDBLedger                                     CreateLedger                                  
Remove-QLDBLedger                                  DeleteLedger                                  
Remove-QLDBResourceTag                             UntagResource                                 
Start-QLDBStreamJournalToKinesi                    StreamJournalToKinesis                        
Stop-QLDBJournalKinesisStream                      CancelJournalKinesisStream                    
Update-QLDBLedger                                  UpdateLedger                                  
Send-QLDBSCommand                                  SendCommand                                   

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References are taken from Microsoft and AWS

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