Amazon Kinesis

Amazon Kinesis makes it easy to collect, process, and analyze real-time, streaming data so you can get timely insights and react quickly to new information. Amazon Kinesis offers key capabilities to cost-effectively process streaming data at any scale, along with the flexibility to choose the tools that best suit the requirements of your application. With Amazon Kinesis, you can ingest real-time data such as video, audio, application logs, website clickstreams, and IoT telemetry data for machine learning, analytics, and other applications. Amazon Kinesis enables you to process and analyze data as it arrives and respond instantly instead of having to wait until all your data is collected before the processing can begin.

Below are the cmdlets which are available with Amazon Kinesis

Add-KINTagsToStream                                AddTagsToStream                               
Disable-KINEnhancedMonitoring                      DisableEnhancedMonitoring                     
Enable-KINEnhancedMonitoring                       EnableEnhancedMonitoring                      
Get-KINLimit                                       DescribeLimits                                
Get-KINRecord                                      GetRecords                                    
Get-KINShardIterator                               GetShardIterator                              
Get-KINShardList                                   ListShards                                    
Get-KINStream                                      DescribeStream                                
Get-KINStreamConsumer                              DescribeStreamConsumer                        
Get-KINStreamConsumerList                          ListStreamConsumers                           
Get-KINStreamList                                  ListStreams                                   
Get-KINStreamSummary                               DescribeStreamSummary                         
Get-KINTagsForStream                               ListTagsForStream                             
Merge-KINShard                                     MergeShards                                   
New-KINStream                                      CreateStream                                  
Register-KINStreamConsumer                         RegisterStreamConsumer                        
Remove-KINStream                                   DeleteStream                                  
Remove-KINTagsFromStream                           RemoveTagsFromStream                          
Request-KINStreamRetentionPeriodDecrease           DecreaseStreamRetentionPeriod                 
Request-KINStreamRetentionPeriodIncrease           IncreaseStreamRetentionPeriod                 
Split-KINShard                                     SplitShard                                    
Start-KINStreamEncryption                          StartStreamEncryption                         
Stop-KINStreamEncryption                           StopStreamEncryption                          
Unregister-KINStreamConsumer                       DeregisterStreamConsumer                      
Update-KINShardCount                               UpdateShardCount                              
Write-KINMultipleRecord                            PutRecords                                    
Write-KINRecord                                    PutRecord                                     

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References are taken from Microsoft and AWS

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