Amazon Kinesis Video Streams, Amazon Kinesis Video Streams Media, Amazon Kinesis Video Signaling Channels

Amazon Kinesis Video Streams, Amazon Kinesis Video Streams Media, Amazon Kinesis Video Signaling Channels makes it easy to securely stream video from connected devices to AWS for analytics, machine learning (ML), playback, and other processing. Kinesis Video Streams automatically provisions and elastically scales all the infrastructure needed to ingest streaming video data from millions of devices. It durably stores, encrypts, and indexes video data in your streams, and allows you to access your data through easy-to-use APIs. Kinesis Video Streams enables you to playback video for live and on-demand viewing, and quickly build applications that take advantage of computer vision and video analytics through integration with Amazon Rekognition Video, and libraries for ML frameworks such as Apache MxNet, TensorFlow, and OpenCV. Kinesis Video Streams also supports WebRTC, an open-source project that enables real-time media streaming and interaction between web browsers, mobile applications, and connected devices via simple APIs. Typical uses include video chat and peer-to-peer media streaming.

To get started, create a Kinesis video stream with a few clicks from the AWS Management Console. You can then install the Kinesis Video Streams SDK on your devices and start streaming media to AWS for playback, storage, and analytics. With Kinesis Video Streams, you pay only for what you use. There are no upfront commitments or minimum fees.

Below are the cmdlets which are available with Amazon Kinesis Video Signaling Channels

Add-KVResourceTag                                  TagResource                                   Amazon Kinesis Video Streams                         
Add-KVStreamTag                                    TagStream                                     Amazon Kinesis Video Streams                         
Get-KVDataEndpoint                                 GetDataEndpoint                               Amazon Kinesis Video Streams                         
Get-KVResourceTag                                  ListTagsForResource                           Amazon Kinesis Video Streams                         
Get-KVSignalingChannel                             DescribeSignalingChannel                      Amazon Kinesis Video Streams                         
Get-KVSignalingChannelEndpoint                     GetSignalingChannelEndpoint                   Amazon Kinesis Video Streams                         
Get-KVSignalingChannelList                         ListSignalingChannels                         Amazon Kinesis Video Streams                         
Get-KVStream                                       DescribeStream                                Amazon Kinesis Video Streams                         
Get-KVStreamList                                   ListStreams                                   Amazon Kinesis Video Streams                         
Get-KVTagsForStreamList                            ListTagsForStream                             Amazon Kinesis Video Streams                         
New-KVSignalingChannel                             CreateSignalingChannel                        Amazon Kinesis Video Streams                         
New-KVStream                                       CreateStream                                  Amazon Kinesis Video Streams                         
Remove-KVResourceTag                               UntagResource                                 Amazon Kinesis Video Streams                         
Remove-KVSignalingChannel                          DeleteSignalingChannel                        Amazon Kinesis Video Streams                         
Remove-KVStream                                    DeleteStream                                  Amazon Kinesis Video Streams                         
Remove-KVStreamTag                                 UntagStream                                   Amazon Kinesis Video Streams                         
Update-KVDataRetention                             UpdateDataRetention                           Amazon Kinesis Video Streams                         
Update-KVSignalingChannel                          UpdateSignalingChannel                        Amazon Kinesis Video Streams                         
Update-KVStream                                    UpdateStream                                  Amazon Kinesis Video Streams                         
Get-KVMMedia                                       GetMedia                                      Amazon Kinesis Video Streams Media                   
Get-KVSCIceServerConfig                            GetIceServerConfig                            Amazon Kinesis Video Signaling Channels              
Send-KVSCAlexaOfferToMaster                        SendAlexaOfferToMaster                        Amazon Kinesis Video Signaling Channels              

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References are taken from Microsoft and AWS

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