Amazon Inspector

Amazon Inspector is an automated security assessment service that helps improve the security and compliance of applications deployed on AWS. Amazon Inspector automatically assesses applications for exposure, vulnerabilities, and deviations from best practices. After performing an assessment, Amazon Inspector produces a detailed list of security findings prioritized by level of severity. These findings can be reviewed directly or as part of detailed assessment reports which are available via the Amazon Inspector console or API.

Amazon Inspector security assessments help you check for unintended network accessibility of your Amazon EC2 instances and for vulnerabilities on those EC2 instances. Amazon Inspector assessments are offered to you as pre-defined rules packages mapped to common security best practices and vulnerability definitions. Examples of built-in rules include checking for access to your EC2 instances from the internet, remote root login being enabled, or vulnerable software versions installed. These rules are regularly updated by AWS security researchers.

Below are the cmdlets which are available with Amazon Inspector

Add-INSEventSubscription                           SubscribeToEvent                              
Add-INSFindingAttribute                            AddAttributesToFindings                       
Get-INSAgentPreview                                PreviewAgents                                 
Get-INSAssessmentReport                            GetAssessmentReport                           
Get-INSAssessmentRun                               DescribeAssessmentRuns                        
Get-INSAssessmentRunAgent                          ListAssessmentRunAgents                       
Get-INSAssessmentRunList                           ListAssessmentRuns                            
Get-INSAssessmentTarget                            DescribeAssessmentTargets                     
Get-INSAssessmentTargetList                        ListAssessmentTargets                         
Get-INSAssessmentTemplate                          DescribeAssessmentTemplates                   
Get-INSAssessmentTemplateList                      ListAssessmentTemplates                       
Get-INSCrossAccountAccessRole                      DescribeCrossAccountAccessRole                
Get-INSEventSubscription                           ListEventSubscriptions                        
Get-INSExclusion                                   DescribeExclusions                            
Get-INSExclusionList                               ListExclusions                                
Get-INSExclusionsPreview                           GetExclusionsPreview                          
Get-INSFinding                                     DescribeFindings                              
Get-INSFindingList                                 ListFindings                                  
Get-INSResourceGroup                               DescribeResourceGroups                        
Get-INSResourceTagList                             ListTagsForResource                           
Get-INSRulesPackage                                DescribeRulesPackages                         
Get-INSRulesPackageList                            ListRulesPackages                             
Get-INSTelemetryMetadata                           GetTelemetryMetadata                          
New-INSAssessmentTarget                            CreateAssessmentTarget                        
New-INSAssessmentTemplate                          CreateAssessmentTemplate                      
New-INSExclusionsPreview                           CreateExclusionsPreview                       
New-INSResourceGroup                               CreateResourceGroup                           
Register-INSCrossAccountAccessRole                 RegisterCrossAccountAccessRole                
Remove-INSAssessmentRun                            DeleteAssessmentRun                           
Remove-INSAssessmentTarget                         DeleteAssessmentTarget                        
Remove-INSAssessmentTemplate                       DeleteAssessmentTemplate                      
Remove-INSEventSubscription                        UnsubscribeFromEvent                          
Remove-INSFindingAttribute                         RemoveAttributesFromFindings                  
Set-INSResourceTag                                 SetTagsForResource                            
Start-INSAssessmentRun                             StartAssessmentRun                            
Stop-INSAssessmentRun                              StopAssessmentRun                             
Update-INSAssessmentTarget                         UpdateAssessmentTarget                        

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References are taken from Microsoft and AWS

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