Amazon Fraud Detector

Globally each year, organizations lose tens of billions of dollars to online fraud. Amazon Fraud Detector is a fully managed service that uses machine learning (ML) and more than 20 years of fraud detection expertise from Amazon, to identify potentially fraudulent activity so customers can catch more online fraud faster. Amazon Fraud Detector automates the time consuming and expensive steps to build, train, and deploy an ML model for fraud detection, making it easier for customers to leverage the technology. Amazon Fraud Detector customizes each model it creates to a customer’s own dataset, making the accuracy of models higher than current one-size fits all ML solutions. And, because you pay only for what you use, you avoid large upfront expenses.

Below are the cmdlets which are available with Amazon Fraud Detector

Get-FDDetector                                     GetDetectors                                  
Get-FDDetectorVersion                              GetDetectorVersion                            
Get-FDDetectorVersionList                          DescribeDetector                              
Get-FDExternalModel                                GetExternalModels                             
Get-FDModel                                        GetModels                                     
Get-FDModelVersion                                 GetModelVersion                               
Get-FDModelVersionList                             DescribeModelVersions                         
Get-FDOutcome                                      GetOutcomes                                   
Get-FDPrediction                                   GetPrediction                                 
Get-FDRule                                         GetRules                                      
Get-FDVariable                                     GetVariables                                  
Get-FDVariableBatch                                BatchGetVariable                              
New-FDDetectorVersion                              CreateDetectorVersion                         
New-FDModelVersion                                 CreateModelVersion                            
New-FDRule                                         CreateRule                                    
New-FDVariable                                     CreateVariable                                
New-FDVariableBatch                                BatchCreateVariable                           
Remove-FDDetector                                  DeleteDetector                                
Remove-FDDetectorVersion                           DeleteDetectorVersion                         
Remove-FDEvent                                     DeleteEvent                                   
Remove-FDRuleVersion                               DeleteRuleVersion                             
Update-FDDetectorVersion                           UpdateDetectorVersion                         
Update-FDDetectorVersionMetadata                   UpdateDetectorVersionMetadata                 
Update-FDDetectorVersionStatus                     UpdateDetectorVersionStatus                   
Update-FDModelVersion                              UpdateModelVersion                            
Update-FDRuleMetadata                              UpdateRuleMetadata                            
Update-FDRuleVersion                               UpdateRuleVersion                             
Update-FDVariable                                  UpdateVariable                                
Write-FDDetector                                   PutDetector                                   
Write-FDExternalModel                              PutExternalModel                              
Write-FDModel                                      PutModel                                      
Write-FDOutcome                                    PutOutcome                                    

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References are taken from Microsoft and AWS

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