Amazon Elastic Transcoder

Amazon Elastic Transcoder is media transcoding in the cloud. It is designed to be a highly scalable, easy to use and a cost effective way for developers and businesses to convert (or “transcode”) media files from their source format into versions that will playback on devices like smartphones, tablets and PCs.

Amazon Elastic Transcoder manages all aspects of the media transcoding process for you transparently and automatically. There’s no need to administer software, scale hardware, tune performance, or otherwise manage transcoding infrastructure. You simply create a transcoding “job” specifying the location of your source media file and how you want it transcoded. Amazon Elastic Transcoder also provides transcoding presets for popular output formats, which means that you don’t need to guess about which settings work best on particular devices. All these features are available via service API, AWS SDKs and the AWS Management Console.

Like other Amazon Web Services products, there are no contracts or monthly commitments for using Amazon Elastic Transcoder — you simply pay based on the minutes you need to transcode, and resolution of the content transcoded.

Below are the cmdlets which are available with Amazon Elastic Transcoder

Get-ETSJobsByPipeline                              ListJobsByPipeline                            
Get-ETSJobsByStatus                                ListJobsByStatus                              
Get-ETSPipeline                                    ListPipelines                                 
Get-ETSPreset                                      ListPresets                                   
New-ETSJob                                         CreateJob                                     
New-ETSPipeline                                    CreatePipeline                                
New-ETSPreset                                      CreatePreset                                  
Read-ETSJob                                        ReadJob                                       
Read-ETSPipeline                                   ReadPipeline                                  
Read-ETSPreset                                     ReadPreset                                    
Remove-ETSPipeline                                 DeletePipeline                                
Remove-ETSPreset                                   DeletePreset                                  
Stop-ETSJob                                        CancelJob                                     
Test-ETSRole                                       TestRole                                      
Update-ETSPipeline                                 UpdatePipeline                                
Update-ETSPipelineNotification                     UpdatePipelineNotifications                   
Update-ETSPipelineStatus                           UpdatePipelineStatus                          

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References are taken from Microsoft and AWS

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