Amazon Cognito Sync

Amazon Cognito Sync is an AWS service and client library that enables cross-device syncing of application-related user data. You can use it to synchronize user profile data across mobile devices and the web without requiring your own backend. The client libraries cache data locally so your app can read and write data regardless of device connectivity status. When the device is online, you can synchronize data, and if you set up push sync, notify other devices immediately that an update is available.

Below are the cmdlets which are available with Amazon Cognito Sync

CmdletName                                      ServiceOperation                          
Add-CGISDatasetSubscription                        SubscribeToDataset                            
Get-CGISBulkPublishDetail                          GetBulkPublishDetails                         
Get-CGISCognitoEvent                               GetCognitoEvents                              
Get-CGISDataset                                    DescribeDataset                               
Get-CGISDatasetList                                ListDatasets                                  
Get-CGISIdentityPoolConfiguration                  GetIdentityPoolConfiguration                  
Get-CGISIdentityPoolUsage                          DescribeIdentityPoolUsage                     
Get-CGISIdentityPoolUsageList                      ListIdentityPoolUsage                         
Get-CGISIdentityUsage                              DescribeIdentityUsage                         
Get-CGISRecordList                                 ListRecords                                   
Publish-CGISBulkDataset                            BulkPublish                                   
Register-CGISDevice                                RegisterDevice                                
Remove-CGISDataset                                 DeleteDataset                                 
Remove-CGISDatasetSubscription                     UnsubscribeFromDataset                        
Set-CGISCognitoEventLambdaFunction                 SetCognitoEvents                              
Set-CGISIdentityPoolConfiguration                  SetIdentityPoolConfiguration                  
Update-CGISRecord                                  UpdateRecords                                 

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References are taken from Microsoft and AWS

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