Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer

Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer is a service that uses program analysis and machine learning to detect potential defects that are difficult for developers to find and recommends fixes in your Java code.

By proactively detecting and providing recommendations for addressing code defects and implementing best practices, CodeGuru Reviewer improves the overall quality and maintainability of your code base during the code review stage

Below are the cmdlets which are available with Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer

CmdletName                                      ServiceOperation                          
Get-CGRCodeReview                                  DescribeCodeReview                            
Get-CGRCodeReviewList                              ListCodeReviews                               
Get-CGRRecommendationFeedback                      DescribeRecommendationFeedback                
Get-CGRRecommendationFeedbackList                  ListRecommendationFeedback                    
Get-CGRRecommendationList                          ListRecommendations                           
Get-CGRRepositoryAssociation                       DescribeRepositoryAssociation                 
Get-CGRRepositoryAssociationList                   ListRepositoryAssociations                    
Register-CGRRepository                             AssociateRepository                           
Unregister-CGRRepository                           DisassociateRepository                        
Write-CGRRecommendationFeedback                    PutRecommendationFeedback                     

You can also check other AWS Services, and each services cmdlets we are providing.

You can also check other AWS Services, and each services cmdlets we are providing.

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References are taken from Microsoft and AWS

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