Amazon Cloud Directory

Amazon Cloud Directory enables you to build flexible cloud-native directories for organizing hierarchies of data along multiple dimensions. With Cloud Directory, you can create directories for a variety of use cases, such as organizational charts, course catalogs, and device registries. While traditional directory solutions, such as Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS) and other LDAP-based directories, limit you to a single hierarchy, Cloud Directory offers you the flexibility to create directories with hierarchies that span multiple dimensions. For example, you can create an organizational chart that can be navigated through separate hierarchies for reporting structure, location, and cost center.

Amazon Cloud Directory automatically scales to hundreds of millions of objects and provides an extensible schema that can be shared with multiple applications. As a fully-managed service, Cloud Directory eliminates time-consuming and expensive administrative tasks, such as scaling infrastructure and managing servers. You simply define the schema, create a directory, and then populate your directory by making calls to the Cloud Directory API.

Below are the cmdlets which are available with Amazon Cloud Directory

CmdletName                                      ServiceOperation                          
Add-CDIRFacetToObject                              AddFacetToObject                              
Add-CDIRResourceTag                                TagResource                                   
Add-CDIRSchema                                     ApplySchema                                   
Connect-CDIRObject                                 AttachObject                                  
Disable-CDIRDirectory                              DisableDirectory                              
Disconnect-CDIRObject                              DetachObject                                  
Dismount-CDIRObjectFromIndex                       DetachFromIndex                               
Dismount-CDIRPolicyFromObject                      DetachPolicy                                  
Dismount-CDIRTypedLink                             DetachTypedLink                               
Enable-CDIRDirectory                               EnableDirectory                               
Get-CDIRAppliedSchemaArn                           ListAppliedSchemaArns                         
Get-CDIRAppliedSchemaVersion                       GetAppliedSchemaVersion                       
Get-CDIRDevelopmentSchemaArn                       ListDevelopmentSchemaArns                     
Get-CDIRDirectory                                  ListDirectories                               
Get-CDIRDirectoryMetadata                          GetDirectory                                  
Get-CDIRDirectoryPolicy                            LookupPolicy                                  
Get-CDIRFacet                                      GetFacet                                      
Get-CDIRFacetAttribute                             ListFacetAttributes                           
Get-CDIRFacetName                                  ListFacetNames                                
Get-CDIRIncomingTypedLink                          ListIncomingTypedLinks                        
Get-CDIRIndex                                      ListIndex                                     
Get-CDIRLinkAttribute                              GetLinkAttributes                             
Get-CDIRManagedSchemaArn                           ListManagedSchemaArns                         
Get-CDIRObjectAttribute                            GetObjectAttributes                           
Get-CDIRObjectAttributeList                        ListObjectAttributes                          
Get-CDIRObjectChild                                ListObjectChildren                            
Get-CDIRObjectIndex                                ListAttachedIndices                           
Get-CDIRObjectInformation                          GetObjectInformation                          
Get-CDIRObjectParent                               ListObjectParents                             
Get-CDIRObjectParentPath                           ListObjectParentPaths                         
Get-CDIRObjectPolicy                               ListObjectPolicies                            
Get-CDIROutgoingTypedLink                          ListOutgoingTypedLinks                        
Get-CDIRPolicyAttachment                           ListPolicyAttachments                         
Get-CDIRPublishedSchemaArn                         ListPublishedSchemaArns                       
Get-CDIRResourceTag                                ListTagsForResource                           
Get-CDIRSchemaAsJson                               GetSchemaAsJson                               
Get-CDIRTypedLinkFacetAttribute                    ListTypedLinkFacetAttributes                  
Get-CDIRTypedLinkFacetInformation                  GetTypedLinkFacetInformation                  
Get-CDIRTypedLinkFacetName                         ListTypedLinkFacetNames                       
Mount-CDIRObjectToIndex                            AttachToIndex                                 
Mount-CDIRPolicy                                   AttachPolicy                                  
Mount-CDIRTypedLink                                AttachTypedLink                               
New-CDIRDirectory                                  CreateDirectory                               
New-CDIRDirectoryObject                            CreateObject                                  
New-CDIRFacet                                      CreateFacet                                   
New-CDIRIndex                                      CreateIndex                                   
New-CDIRSchema                                     CreateSchema                                  
New-CDIRTypedLinkFacet                             CreateTypedLinkFacet                          
Publish-CDIRSchema                                 PublishSchema                                 
Read-CDIRDirectoryBatch                            BatchRead                                     
Remove-CDIRDirectory                               DeleteDirectory                               
Remove-CDIRDirectoryObject                         DeleteObject                                  
Remove-CDIRFacet                                   DeleteFacet                                   
Remove-CDIRFacetFromObject                         RemoveFacetFromObject                         
Remove-CDIRResourceTag                             UntagResource                                 
Remove-CDIRSchema                                  DeleteSchema                                  
Remove-CDIRTypedLinkFacet                          DeleteTypedLinkFacet                          
Update-CDIRAppliedSchema                           UpgradeAppliedSchema                          
Update-CDIRFacet                                   UpdateFacet                                   
Update-CDIRLinkAttribute                           UpdateLinkAttributes                          
Update-CDIRObjectAttribute                         UpdateObjectAttributes                        
Update-CDIRPublishedSchema                         UpgradePublishedSchema                        
Update-CDIRSchema                                  UpdateSchema                                  
Update-CDIRTypedLinkFacet                          UpdateTypedLinkFacet                          
Write-CDIRDirectoryBatch                           BatchWrite                                    
Write-CDIRSchemaFromJson                           PutSchemaFromJson                             

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References are taken from Microsoft and AWS

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