Amazon API Gateway Management API

Application Programming Interface management, or API management, consists of a set of tools and services that enable developers and companies to build, analyze, operate, and scale APIs in secure environments. API management can be delivered on-premises, through the cloud, or using a hybrid on-premises – SaaS (Software as a Service) approach. Amazon API Gateway Management API

At their simplest level, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) enable communication between disparate software applications. Developers can connect APIs from different companies and services to achieve specific results. Popular API uses include enabling the implementation of libraries and frameworks across languages, specifying the interface between an application and an operating system, manipulating remote resources through protocols, and defining the interface through which interactions happen between a third-party and the applications that use its assets. From independent mobile developers and web developers to large enterprises and governmental agencies, APIs are increasingly leveraged across industries and use cases.

Today, developers, enterprises, and organizations often create open APIs that allow others to integrate with their products and services. Hundreds of thousands of APIs designed to facilitate the exchange of information exist across industries. As the number of APIs continues to grow, the need for developers and enterprises to monitor and manage them in a secure and scalable way increases.

Below are the cmdlets which are available with Amazon API Gateway Management API

CmdletName                                      ServiceOperation                          
Get-AGMConnection                                  GetConnection                                 
Remove-AGMConnection                               DeleteConnection                              
Send-AGMDataToConnection                           PostToConnection                              

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References are taken from Microsoft and AWS

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