BitsTransfer – Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) to download files from or upload files to HTTP web servers or SMB file servers.

BITS continues to transfer files after an application exits as long as the user who initiated the transfer remains logged on and a network connection is maintained. BITS will not force a network connection. BITS resumes transfers after a network connection that had been lost is reestablished or after a user who had logged off logs back in.

BITS is mindful of the current network cost and congestion so that a background job interferes as little as possible with the user’s foreground experience. BITS uses idle network bandwidth to transfer the files and will increase or decrease the rate at which files are transferred based on the amount of idle network bandwidth available. If a network application begins to consume more bandwidth, BITS decreases its transfer rate to preserve the user’s interactive experience. BITS uses app-specified transfer policies to prevent files from transferring on costed network connections.

By default this module will be installed. If its commands are not proper you can run the below command to Import that module.

Import-Module BitsTransfer

Import-Module BitsTransfer powershell cmdlet powershell

Click on each cmdlet to know more about them

Add-BitsFileAdds one or more files to an existing BITS transfer job.
Complete-BitsTransferCompletes a BITS transfer job.
Get-BitsTransferGets the associated BitsJob object for an existing BITS transfer job.
Remove-BitsTransferCancels a BITS transfer job.
Resume-BitsTransferResumes a BITS transfer job.
Set-BitsTransferModifies the properties of an existing BITS transfer job.
Start-BitsTransferCreates a BITS transfer job.
Suspend-BitsTransferSuspends a BITS transfer job.

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