Cmdlets for AppLocker are designed to streamline the administration of application control policies. The cmdlets can be used to help author, test, maintain, and troubleshoot application control policies and can be used in conjunction with the AppLocker user interface that is accessed through the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in extension to the Local Security Policy snap-in and Group Policy Management Console

Here we get cmdlet descriptions and syntax for all App Locker Task cmdlets.

For this module we are not going to install anything as this is pre-defined cmdlets. Some of the Servers will be having this module by default. If they are missing you can use below command to Import them.

Import-Module AppLocker

Once you have imported this module, you can use the below commands which are associated with this module.

Click on each cmdlet to know more about them

Get-AppLockerFileInformationGets the file information necessary to create AppLocker rules from a list of files or an event log.
Get-AppLockerPolicyGets the local, the effective, or a domain AppLocker policy.
New-AppLockerPolicyCreates a new AppLocker policy from a list of file information and other rule creation options.
Set-AppLockerPolicySets the AppLocker policy for the specified GPO.
Test-AppLockerPolicySpecifies the AppLocker policy to determine whether the input files will be allowed to run for a given user.

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