Get-AdfsDeviceRegistrationUpnSuffix is accessible with the help of adfs module. To install adfs on your system please refer to this adfs.


Gets the UPN suffixes that can be used with device registration.


The Get-AdfsDeviceRegistrationUpnSuffix cmdlet gets all of the user principal name (UPN) suffixes that you can use when you register a device with Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS). The cmdlet returns a list of UPN suffixes and indicates whether a UPN suffix was discovered or manually configured by the administrator, and if the server has a valid SSL binding configured for the UPN suffix.


Get-AdfsDeviceRegistrationUpnSuffix []

——————Example 1——————
Get the UPN suffixes for the device registration service
PS C:> Get-AdfsDeviceRegistrationUpnSuffix | Format-List

Upn :
SslPort : 443
IsSetAsSslBinding : True
IsCustom : False

This command gets information on the UPN suffixes that are accepted by the Device Registration Service in AD FS.

You can check the Version, CommandType and Source of this cmdlet by giving below command.

Get-Command Get-AdfsDeviceRegistrationUpnSuffix

Get-Command Get-AdfsDeviceRegistrationUpnSuffix powershell script command cmdlet adfs

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